Sunday, April 22, 2018


by: Robert Morningsky

"Running from the Central Stars of Eridanus to the outer edges of the galaxy is a very important interstellar 'trail' that connects star to star, world to world. It is a passageway of both commerce and travel. Linking the primordial Central Worlds to the outer perimeter, the 'trail' was known as the PESH METEN, the Ninth Passageway. Running through the heart of the SSS Reptilian Empire, the Ninth Passageway provided vital links to the Inner Worlds and the Outer Worlds. Travellers, whether on business or political missions, were constantly on the Ninth Passageway. Commercial vehicles, carrying precious ores and valuable treasures made their way on the PESH METEN. 

It was, without any question, vital to the security and welfare of the reptilian Queen's Empire." "To the misfortune of the Wolfen Kings, their conquests had taken them to the very edges of the Ninth Passageway. The Queen had not been totally unaware of their movement, but she had not moved to stop yet. When they moved perilously closer to the heart of the Passageway, the reptilian Queen could take no chances. She immediately sent a dispatch to the Wolfen King: 'Cease and desist your wars and movement upon the Ninth Passageway. Yield or be totally destroyed!' Such were the words of the Queen."

"The Kings had, of course, heard of the Reptilian Empire and had had minimal contact with them, but they had not considered that their war campaigns had taken them within a range that might be perceived as a threat by the SSS Queens." "The Queen of the SSS Empire had also heard of the Wolfen Kings. She had found their conquering ways reluctantly admirable, if not just a bit barbaric. Perhaps, if they had extended their Empire in a different direction, she would not have interfered with them. But they had not. They had entered her Realm...and she would tolerate no interference with her Empire. She was also aware of their potentially deadly and unpredictable behavior. Barbaric beings of this sort possessed a primitive mentality that could hardly remain consistent and logical. It was also likely that these beings may not have the wisdom to know when to cease their attacks. While this was a desirable trait for warriors, it was a trait not to be welcomed in one's enemies." 

Here goes the rest of the story, on page 66: "And at this point, Matu, we shall see the wisdom and extraordinary abilities of the Queen of the Reptilian Beings. In the communiqu├ęsent to the Wolfen Kings, the Queen issued a threat of devastating retaliation if the borders of her Empire were violated. But in an unexpected move, the Queen submitted an offer that was seldom extended to any potential enemy...the Queen offered an Alliance between the two Empires. And it was an offer that the Wolfen Kings could hardly reject."

"...If the Wolfen Kings would agree to align themselves with the SSS Empire, the Queen would grant them significant territories and trade routes, and she would officially sanction their continued expansion, as long as it remained distant and apart from the reptilian
Empire, and in particular, away from the Ninth Passageway. The Wolfen Kings would receive an immediate payment in precious metals and resources as a 'fee' for their acceptance of the proposed terms. The Wolfen Kings would have the authority to use the name of the Queen in any political negotiations, and if it became necessary, the forces of the SSS Queen would support their every move in the stars. All enemies of the Wolfen RRR Kings became enemies of the Reptilian SSS Queen and her Empire. And finally, should the Wolfen Kings accept the alliance, the Queen would elevate the Warrior armies of the Wolfen Kings to the official status of Enforcers of the Empire, a rank higher than any of the armies of any Other Worlds, second only to the Elite Forces of the Queen herself. Wolfen Commanders would assume control of many of the key military forces of the reptilian Queen's armies and would have available to them the many resources and most advanced warships developed by the SSS War Sciences and Technologies. In short, the Wolfen Kings would have the power of the Throne of the Reptilian Empire behind them and at their disposal. This, Matu, was an extraordinary offer."

"But . . . in exchange for these extremely significant concessions, the SSS Queen demanded unhesitating loyalty and total obedience to her Throne. The Wolfen Kings would execute her every command, unquestioningly, unhesitatingly and with all of the force and fury that they could muster. The Wolfen Kings would immediately turn over half of the wealth of the entire Wolfen Empire to the Queen, and would continue to send her half of any future gains. The Queen would immediately become the Supreme Being and the Ultimate Power of the Wolfen Empire. All official ceremonies and royal events would begin by addressing her power and by paying homage to her status as the Supreme Being. From the moment the Alliance was agreed upon, the King would relinquish his status as the most important individual in the Empire and would become known as the representative of the Queen. From the moment the Alliance was signed, no Wolfen King would ever hold on to the throne without a Princess Daughter of the Queen herself sitting by his side...and no Wolfen King could ever make any decision without the approval of the new Queen, the Princess Daughter herself."

Let me just make some comments here, that this last passage very much shows the thinking pattern of the Orion Reptilians. They think in terms of property, in terms of money and in terms of ownership. The Orion queen was essentially trying to buy the Sirian
reptilians, so that she could own them. But she would own not only their services but their loyalty, their minds and their souls. That is the way of the Orion Reptilian queens. Of course, the Sirian kings, thinking like they always did, as warriors, would rather make a stand than give in to the Queen's demands. They got their asses kicked.

"After sending her dispatch to the Wolfen Kings with its orders to cease hostilities...and her offer of an Alliance between the two thrones, the Queen allowed only a very short period of time for the RRR Monarchs to consider her message. It is, of course, standard practice to attempt to stall the actions of any enemy who approaches and threatens retaliation. This has been done by numerous Empires in the stars and has been a tactic used here on Earth. As the final moments approached, the Wolfen Kings sent message that they needed more time to consider the Queen's offer. At the precise moment the time limit had been reached...the SSSTAK forces descended on three invading armies of the Wolfen Kings. In moments they were totally and completely obliterated...not just destroyed, Matu... obliterated. Even the AR starships [the Sirian 'death stars', the Orions also have theirs] had been totally wiped out. As a matter of precaution, in fact, every asteroid in the vicinity of the three invasion armies were also destroyed. To further establish her position, the Queen made use of the incredible pin point accurate death rays of the MAKH Warriors. Half a dozen of the King's personal staff were immediately terminated, their brains burned from the inside by light beams that came from seemingly out of nowhere. Several of the communications networks were also suddenly seized by carefully placed spies in the King's military administration. The quick and stunning display of the Queen's power was most effective."

So there you have it. The Orion Queen and her forces had the means to enforce their threats. The rest of the story concerning this battle, you can imagine. I shall jump to the part where the alliance is enforced, on page 67: "With the signing of the Alliance, the Princess Daughter of the SSS Reptilian Queen was presented to the Wolfen people as their new Queen. Standing proudly beside her was the reigning Wolfen King of Kings. Her never-ending presence was a sign that the Queen of the most powerful Empire in the Ninth Sector completely trusted the King and his subjects with the very life of her Daughter. And, it was also an assurance to the King and his subjects that the Queen would never attack the Empire. For the Queen, however, the presence of her Daughter in the Royal Court at the side of the Wolfen King of the RRR Empire insured that nothing contrary to the wishes of the Queen could ever take place in the Wolfen World Court."

The Sirian warriors were had. Now they were under the control of the Orion Matriarch. Too bad for them they took their warrior activities into the realm of the Orion Empire, and not elsewhere. The Orion Reptilians are very intelligent. I shall end the story of the history of the Sirian-Reptilians here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A New Matrix Provides A New Hologram For Earth

by: Michelle Walling

A matrix is a grid system that provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. The matrix on Earth was hijacked by those who dominated and controlled us for millenia through frequency technology and changes to the human body template. The new matrix that we are tuning into allows us to keep a physical human body filled with light as we ascend in consciousness.
Gridworkers around the planet have been bringing a new grid online while the old matrix slowly dissolves. Those who are on the ascension path have all been gradually tuning into the new grid or matrix.
All creation has a template of light, sound, and geometric patterns. The new matrix may be the original earth template or it may actually be a copy of the template with some noticeable improvements. The new matrix has better “firewalls” that will not allow it to be hacked.
While giving a reading/session at the In5d Psychic conference (October 15, 2016) I met with an aspect of one of the original programmers. In this session, it was revealed that when the old matrix was created, a very small detail was left out and the group that created it did not realize this. They used the template for creating a planet and left it to grow and evolve while they focused on other projects.
One day they learned that their project had been hijacked. It took a long time to see how it was being taken over because they could only see that humans were interfacing with the program with their free will. As programmers, they also are able to look into the “future” to see possible outcomes of the co-creation of free will with their original matrix. They were alarmed when almost every probability ended in the destruction of their creation.
The original matrix programmers investigated by sending incarnations in the matrix that would report back what is happening in linear time. They found that black magic was being used to sway the decisions of humans through subliminal programming and fear. They also found that the changes to the physical body kept humans from progressing as a species and were more geared towards slavery. A loop of reincarnations was taking place and humans could no longer remember their “past” lives or that they were all connected to each other and their Source.
Some of these original programmers are now incarnated as gridworkers and lightworkers. Their purpose is to wake up and raise their vibrational frequency out of the old matrix. In doing so, they help to create a new matrix that all of humanity can collectively tune in to. Since all humans are connected, when one makes this “ascension”, it builds a bridge for others to follow.
Many gridworkers are completing their tasks without realizing the totality of what they are here to do. They carry the codes of the new matrix within them and they may get the urge to travel or to live in a specific region of the world. Everywhere they go, they leave their energetic codes or imprint. The energies being transmitted to the planet through the alignment with the Galactic Center activate these codes. Awakened humans are making the conscious decision to vibrate in the frequency of love instead of fear.
The conscious gridworkers make the intention for all of the codes to be connected across the planet. The DNA within our bodies carries the original codes of all that we have ever been and all that we will be. These are being turned back on as well through frequency so that the body will tune into the new matrix. The old program is breaking down and will soon dissolve, as evidenced in our reality RIGHT NOW!
It has been said that what we are doing has never been done before. Shifting from one hologram to another while staying on the human body was tested in predictive programming software and turned out to be achievable. Any time the programmers wanted to make a change in the past, they followed the rules of allowing the cycle to end and decided what cataclysm would be best for wiping out the human population while keeping the best specimens to make the new changes. This time, we will ascend in the human form and eventually will decide to keep it or to morph into our light body form (or use a combination of both).
If you have recently lost your psychic abilities, it is because the frequency of the matrix has changed to the new grid. All you have to do is to intend to tune into the new matrix and make the changes necessary in your life to stay in that frequency. Most people experience “ascension symptoms” physically while tuning in to the new matrix. These include fever, chills, vertigo, hives, heart palpitations, and many other unique and bizarre symptoms that doctors do not have answers for.
Many of us have connected to the new matrix on a consciousness level and connect to the new grid while we are asleep. When we wake up in the morning, we bring these geometric codes into this reality. The physical body in now catching up to the spiritual body, and we are changing on a cellular level. This has gradually been happening for many years, but because of the accelerated activity of the hijackers, our ascension has accelerated.
Grounding to the planet’s frequency is most important at this time in our transformation. Connecting with your higher self and tuning into your multidimensional selves is also a part of conscious gridwork and lightwork. Alchemy is necessary to raise the frequency of our food and water so that our body can stay at a higher frequency. Information is essential to keep the consciousness expanding and intention and imagination are the tools for the creation of the new matrix.
Tuning into the new frequency will allow us to experience a new holographic projection of reality. Eventually, we will be able to come and go from physical to light and back to the physical body. We will be able to manifest what we need into physicality and de-manifest at will, including waste and part of the old matrix that no longer serve us such as concrete and electrical lines. Free energy will sustain our living requirements and travel will become easier. War will end and the monetary enterprise will be a thing of the past. Eventually the new human will have Superhuman abilities as described in my lecture at the February 2016 In5d conference. How soon we can achieve this individually and then as a collective is up to us!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Collapse of the Astral Realms

by Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
April 14, 2012
from Educate-Yourself Website

Work by The Aetheric ResistanceFranz Erdl, MartinaTim Hicks and many others is aiding in the clean up of the lower astral realms. 

The lowest four steps of the fourth dimension overlaying the inner Van Allen Belts are being dismantled and the parasitic practices used against humanity, animals, plants and the Earth herself is ending.

Souls who reversed their polarity to Source are either returning Home and facing the Spiritual Sun or else having their sparks of life pulled and their egos dissolving into dust. The Feast of the Prodigal Sons and Daughters is now happening. There is a great celebration.

This work has been done by physical humans aided by angelic powers. 

Work done in past decades regarding the ending of the fragmentation of souls through torture and rape has resulted in a forty percent drop in the crime rate worldwide. Demon driven crime is disappearing. MK Ultra victims are breaking through their mind control and remembering. They are resisting unlawful orders. Soul fragments are returning to their rightful owners. The astral abattoirs in the dense aethers are gone.

So many of the demonic bureaus of state sponsored torture, rape and murder had been shut down by 1999, that the black magicians could no longer perform blood rites. They had no power. Any power they ever wielded was stolen from the innocent. Such was their desperation, they ordered political leaders to arrest and torture hundreds of thousands additional victims. 

The terrorism of 9/11 and other state sponsored terror acts, were attempts to regain demonic control.

The Abu Ghraibs around the world and the renditions to countries who used torture were unable to remake the astral abattoirs because Angelic powers intervened. Black magic is fading to nothing.

The projection of fear and hatred through demonic rites is failing.
  • People are not volunteering to die in wars. 
  • The drums of war cannot be heard. 
  • Rumors and lies do not hold people's attention for more than a few days. 
  • Two nights of sleep and everyone becomes aware of the nature of the lie spiritually. 
  • The physical mind might not know the truth, but the heart does. 
  • The heart guides the man or woman to safety. 
The spiritual "internet" in sleep is far greater than the electronic internet and if computers fail, the spiritual internet will always be.

With more and more of the demons and their minions being rounded up, many of the miseries they subject upon humanity will go. Alcoholism is a demon-driven disease. Disincarnated souls latch onto people and drive them to drink. The consumption of liquor will decrease over the next few years, more so than it has in the past decades.

It may be blamed on aging Baby Boomers avoiding beer and wine as their bodies age, but the real reason will be the absence of motivation to drink. The demons will be gone.

Likewise the use of drugs and narcotics will ebb away as they too are demon-driven. The huge profits will decrease and turf wars will end. The drug wars in northern Mexico are an indication there is a decrease in consumption and the gangsters are fighting over less lucre from the American market.

There is a lot of White Collar crime still happening, but the demons of greed who attach themselves to the bankers and CEOs will be gone one day.

The people at the top of the greed pile will awaken one morning like Ebenezer Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol," having been visited by powerful spirits, who will cut the chains from their hearts. No longer will they be dragging their claimed wealth with them like Jacob Marley.

The most dramatic changes with the severing of the parasitic demons from the hearts of humanity will be the improvement in health. Trauma is demonic possession. 

All disease arises from imbalances in the mind and body. Life expectancy will increase. In the centuries to come, people will live well beyond one hundred years in good health, without any pharmaceutical help. Aging has no biological basis. DNA is designed to self repair and heal the body.

The drop in life expectancy from ancient times was due to the lower astral realms gaining in strength by importing demons from other solar systems. There were not just nasty aliens in physical craft; there were nasty demons in the densest phases of the lower fourth dimension. 

Such was the assault on humanity, especially by the lust demons, that years dropped away from human longevity.

We were designed to live a thousand years, learn all we need to know about physical life, and then ascend taking our bodies with us. Death and reincarnation is a spiritual fail-safe. It was not meant to be this bad, but there is huge resilience in the human body and we persisted, irrespective of the demon pathology hitting us at all levels.

We should be able to live past five hundred years as we are right now without genetic enhancements or super vitamin and mineral diets. We simply have to let go of the demons and ask that they too return to their natural state.

The human body is designed to go without food. We can transmute everything we need out of the air. 

There are at least ten thousand Breatharians (mystics who could live without food) alive on Earth at this time. Some of them are hundreds of years old and they are the ones who have successfully overcome this demon plagued world. 

Their prayers have been answered and the corrupt regimes are being removed.

We will awaken in a bright, beautiful world where everything works In Divine Order.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Satchidananda Ashram Visit Journal

I had the opportunity to stay at the Satchidananda Ashram this week. I recommend for anyone looking to have a spiritual getaway to go there immediately!

Day 1

The energy coming through Virginia was not very welcoming as usual. When I reached about 30 miles away from Yogaville, you could feel the energy shift and become very peaceful. The sky looked different and the energy was conducive to ascension.

I checked in and had a short orientation since it was my first visit. I went to my room and started to unpack some of my things. The room was simple yet clean--everything you need for a spiritual retreat: a bed, a bathroom, a desk, a dresser, and a closet.

I missed the 5:00 pm yoga class due to a mixup at the registration. I met a new friend when I was checking in and we both decided to attend evening yoga. We were told the class was in the library and it was not. However, everything happens for a reason. One of the instructors, Siva, saw us standing around and told us we were in the wrong place. He was concerned that we missed the yoga class so he gave us a private session on guided mediation.

From 6:00 - 6:30 pm I attended Guided Mediation. It was a very peaceful experience.

The great thing about the Ashram is that you can show up at any time the day you check in and attend any sessions you like; you just can't check into your room until 4pm. In the future, I would just show up early and then check into my room later. There is so much you can do to spend that time productively.

Day 2

I woke up at 5:30 am. I would have attended morning mediation at 5:00 am but I wake up every morning around 4am and meditate for an hour laying in bed. I went to morning yoga at 6:20 am. Now I really should have been in the beginner yoga class but I could not find the location. And it was getting late so I just went to the level 2/3 class. It was WAY above my level of strength and flexibility. I have just started back working out after about a year of half-assed activity so I was out of shape for this class. It did motivate me to start working out harder and the next time I go to the ashram I plan on being able to do this class without being so sore after. Also, the yoga classes are 90 minutes which is longer than I have ever done yoga. They would end with about 20 minutes of meditation and chanting which was one of the best spiritual rituals I have ever done.

I went to back to my room and took a hot bath. I felt kind of tired so I took a nap for about 2 hours. I woke around 10:40am and got dressed to go visit the LOTUS shrine. I thought about walking and decided to just drive. It was about a ten minute drive and the shrine is absolutely amazing. I went in and did 30 minutes of meditation. The spirit and consciousness of Swami Satchidananda is very strong there and I connected with him during deep meditation. The spirit was telling me that I needed to get more exercise and that I should go jogging on the hiking trails.

I left the shrine and looked up at the 409 steps leading to the Kailash shrine. I thought to myself, "I will do that tomorrow." And I heard the answer in my mind, "No. Do it today."

I drove back to my dorm and put on some sweats for my jog. I started jogging on the trail and it was difficult but fun. The farther I got, I started thinking about going on the way back to LOTUS (about .8 miles). I kept going on the trail and then I saw the road. I figured I would just go ahead and jog the rest of the way to LOTUS. I got back to LOTUS and decided to climb the steps to Kailash. I figured that I would go a few sections and then stop to rest if I needed to which I did. The beautiful part about this was the view of the sky from the top of the mountain and a sense of accomplishment I had not felt since climbing the Piramide del Sol and Piramide de la Luna in Teotihuacan, Mexico back in 1998. I was younger and in way better shape back then so this felt even better!

I said a few prayers at the Kailash shrine and connected with the spirit of Swami Satchidananda. I decided to walk back through the hiking trail. I got back to my room, took a bath, and decided to skip lunch and take a nap. I went to 6 pm mediation and then participated in an authentic Jewish Passover Seder meal for the first time. After dinner I went back to my room and relaxed for a while and then went to bed.

Day 3

I located the beginner level yoga class and attended this class from 6:20am to 7:50 am. I went to breakfast after that and spent some time talking to some new friends. After breakfast, I went back to my room and took a hot bath and got dressed for the LOTUS shrine. This time I drove down to the shrine and when I got there I was all alone. I had the entire shrine to myself! I stayed at the shrine for about 30 minutes.

I returned to the ashram main campus. I went to the gift shop and bought some things for my family. I spoke to the shopkeeper for about 30 minutes about many things:
- her experiences living at the ashram for 25 years
- her friendship with Swami Satchidananda
- life at the ashram
- me thinking about doing a month at the ashram
- ascension to 5D
- service to others
- and much, much more

I bid her farewell and started planning for my next trip to Yogaville.

Monday, March 26, 2018

9 Ways to Ascend Immediately

These practices can help you to ascend rapidly. You cannot however just do one day and think that will make you an ascending master or Adashi Adept. For some it may take a bit of tweaking and for others it may be a complete life change.

Keep in mind that time is changing and it is rapidly becoming obsolete. Time does not exist in the higher dimension as it does now in 3D and 4D.

The following are some tactics you can use to rapidly increase your light quotient:

1. Service to Others
Although these are in no particular order, this is the most important part of building light in your soul matrix in this system which has been based in pure selfishness. It is important to understand that when performing service to others work you are doing these things without any ulterior motives, quid pro quo, or manipulation. We should be doing this work out of pure unconditional love and kindness--knowing that Source itself will reciprocate this love in various ways.

2.  Change your thought constructs
We are who we think we are. Keep your thoughts peaceful. Don't let your mind wander off into destructive constructs. Stop thinking about beating up that person who took your parking space and  threatening to shoot someone, even just speaking "under your breath". Your words and thoughts mean something. Do this exercise: monitor your thoughts for a short time period maybe one hour. Every time you wander off into an unhealthy thought construct write it down, or do ten pushups, etc. Record your thoughts and judge how many are negative. Next, move to longer periods of time until you are monitoring your thoughts 24 hours a day. Record your thoughts and judge how many are negative.  THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR A WHILE NOW. YOU JUDGE YOURSELF. You have the power to change if you want to--if you truly put your whole being into changing then you will.

3. Fasting or changing your diet to vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian.
You need to lighten up! Both physically and spiritually to ascend rapidly. Do not eat meat for at least one year and see how you feel. You might have to adopt this diet for years while you try to lighten up your spirit, soul matrix, and incarnate matrix. There are those that still eat meat sporadically and it does not hold them back as much as you would think. It is mainly cultural or for certain ceremonies, events, and special occasions. Be careful with your children. If you are only feeding them vegan or vegetarian, make sure to get them fish at least once a week. We don't recommend keeping them only vegan for years. Remember: they are still growing. I'm sure some vegans will be very offended by this. If it works for you, do it. This is your ascension and you should always make your own way.

Fasting also is a helpful way to lighten up. Longer fasts (at least 3 days) should be done about 3-4 times a year. 3 day fasting is useful during the solstices and equinoxes. Day one should be nothing but water. Day two should be Healthy Fasting Tea. Day three is coconut water. The day after your fast should only be fruits or green salads until your body is able to adjust to solid foods again.

Dawn to dusk fasts are also great especially if you have trouble not eating for days. Wake up early and eat breakfast before the sun comes up and don't eat again until the sun goes down. Or only eat one meal a day, around 6 pm.

4. Daily mediation, Yoga, and Self Care.
 Self care is important while you are ascending. You will experience ascension symptoms such as soreness, headaches, fatigue, and flu symptoms. You must get some physical exercise everyday. At least do yoga and calisthenics. You can do weight training but the idea is to just stay tight and physically fit. You don't have to be a bodybuilder. Take things in moderation. Using crystals and taking soaking baths is also good to rebuild your energy and keep your energy clean. Florida Water, clean ocean water, crystals, Lavender Epsom salts, and hot water in a bath make for a very relaxing, invigorating end to your day...or beginning.

Daily mediation and prayer is necessary because you must keep in constant contact with Source. That is what we must remember: that we forgot our connection with Source. Only through a sincere, complete connection with Source can we ascend! Ascension begins with your coming back to Source through being at oneness with your Higher Self, and your ancestors (our ancestors are the Higher Self and we know them by name!)

5. Stop watching or listening to destructive TV, Internet, or music.
Only put self-help, chakra building, or metaphysical information into your consciousness. I used to listen to a lot of gangster rap music and watch a lot of violent and racy shows. One of the first things I did was stop all of that. I used to watch almost 6-8 hours of television a day for around 35 years. I reduced that to 3-4 hour a week. And that was mainly sports (which can have a damaging effect as well if you don't limit how much energy you put into them). Stop watching the mainstream media, CNN, Fox News, all of it. All of that is fake news, not just some of it. For real news, watch E'asha, Magenta Pixie, Dr. Phil Valentine, KS Reality, and any number of YouTubers and Social Media groups geared toward the truth.

6. Give thanks to your ancestors
Cook the favorite meal for your mom, dad, grandma, grandfather, or any transitioned relative and set out a plate for them next to the door. Use a special plate only for your ancestors. Pour out libation for your ancestors using their favorite alcoholic drink. If they didn't have one, use gin, beer, or whatever you favorite drink is. You can use water if you want to. It doesn't matter as long as you are showing them love and respect. According to Magenta Pixie, acknowledging and giving thanks to your ancestors brings one into 4th dimensional consciousness.

In the United States, we waste so much food and it really upsets me. I constantly press my family to not be wasteful. When you have food that has gone bad, place it under a tree and allow it to go back to nature.

7. Realize that we are not alone in this Universe
According to Magenta Pixie, knowing that there are extraterrestrials and higher selves brings you into 4th dimensional consciousness. There is too much evidence to even dispute this fact so I will not spend a lot of time on this. Pixie also goes on to say that "when you allow more and more of your higher self, your light body into your Earthly physicality you open the gateways to 5th dimensional concepts". You are never alone. You higher self is always with you!

8. Spending time in nature
Walk around your backyard lawn without shoes. Spread out a blanket and sit outside. Enjoy the chirping birds and magenta sky. Analyze the cloud patterns. Focus your energy on stopping the chemtrails. If you don't have a backyard, go to a neighborhood park, playground, or cookout area in your apartment complex(this is great especially if you have children).

The best thing you can do is forget everything I just told you, what you have read and seen in any video and listen to your Higher Self. Ascension is self-guided. YOU HAVE THE POWER AND YOU MUST SAVE YOUR SELF!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Signs That You Are Falling into a Phantom Matrix Timeline


As defined by Keylontic Science, The Phantom Matrix is a Black Hole System created by the Fallen Angelics design to continually drain and accrete energy and consciousness from our living Time Matrix. Being in a state of chaos is a signature trait of the phantom matrix.

As defined by Michelle Walling, a matrix is a grid system the provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. Being in a state of peace and tranquility is a signature trait of the living matrix.

The New Earth Reality has been separated from the Fallen Angelics and the Phantom Matrix after billions of years being attached to it. However, there are still lingering effects of the phantom matrix and the path is still available to Angelic Humans if they choose it. When you ascend to higher dimensions, you can still access the lower ones through a free will choice.

There has been much debate about ascension paths, FAtalE connections, Bourgha Fall Paths, the New Earth Reality, and the 5th dimension. The following are 6 signs that you are falling, not ascending, existing in, or heading toward a phantom matrix timeline:

1. You live in a war zone or a war-like area or neighborhood.
If you are living in an area that is surrounded by death and destruction, you need to figure out a way to leave it immediately! Your soul has chosen to incarnate into this chaos and you must figure out how to escape it at once! This is based upon a 15 dimensional reality and somewhere in your soul matrix and/or your past lives you are in a battle. As above, so below.

2. You are incarcerated in a correctional facility.
Let's be honest: Being in jail is the next closest thing to being dead. You are in constant risk of being involved in an act of violence: either as a victim or victimizer. It doesn't matter if you are in for a short time or a longer bit. You are at risk for the proverbial gang rape. You are at risk of being locked up for a longer period for committing minor infractions or being locked up forever for defending yourself by killing another inmate or sadistic guard. You are at the mercy of brutal inmates, brutal guards, and the brutal criminal justice system. STAY OUT OR GET OUT!!!

3. Your household is dirty and in constant disarray.
This is an easy fix. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!! I know that lack of space can be an issue but you can still keep your bathrooms and kitchen clean. Pick up dirty laundry and wash it! It doesn't have to be "eat off the floor clean" but you should feel comfortable having a visitor stop by at any time and be able to receive them immediately or with only about 20-30 minutes of tidying up. Teach your kids to clean up. Make them clean their rooms at least weekly or when needed. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Some negative people use bad smells as a weapon! I remember reading about a Hall of Fame basketball player that would neglect all hygiene before games in hopes that other players would not guard him so closely because of his awful smell.

4. You are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, or money.
If you are addicted to anything, you are running the risk of being exposed to signs 1-3. Get your mind right! Don't let a substance take you under! You are stronger than that. Experimentation is dangerous and can lead to addiction if you are not careful. Using a substance to enhance your consciousness is not addiction but it can be dangerous. Sex is normal and should be enjoyed between consenting adults. Being stoned, drunk, or perverted all the time is not normal! I have already spoken so many times on the dangers of money so I'm not going to go there again.

5. You are violent and/or self-destructive in actions or thoughts.
Humans have some very violent impulses. They are based in our reptilian brain stem according to many Metaphysicians. However, as you should know by now, not all reptilians are negative.  Once again: Get your mind right! Control yourself! Under the Law of One and Divine Law you cannot just go around hurting people or yourself. Learn to be peaceful and resolve conflicts using love and light energy. Thought constructs are important too. Just because you don't act on violent thoughts doesn't mean it won't hurt you. Keep your thoughts pure and peaceful.

6. You ALWAYS find a dark cloud or negative aspect of everything and respond negatively to all attempts of people to bring you positive energy or thought constructs.
Are you a Debbie Downer? Do people often tell you that you are mean, negative, or a killjoy? Do people run away from you when you enter a room? Do you find yourself not liking someone that everyone else finds adorable?

If you find yourself having any of those traits, please begin a Bio-Regeneis program of some kind--be it Keylontic Science, Buddhist, Hindu, Santeria, Voudun, Kemitic, Wiccan, etc. Feel free to contact me at

Peace and Blessings,

Ani the Scribe

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dream Sequence: A Vision of the Future and Moving to 7D

This is an accounting of a dream I had last night about 7D--about moving physically to 7D.  My family and I were sitting in our living room. We were looking outside into our backyard and we all noticed a blur. The blur started at the ground level line of sight. (The ARPS began to shift.)The blur came from the ground and the ground started to separate from itself in a duplicate matrix pattern. In essence, we saw two lawns begin to emerge.

Two of everything and it started to rise. It got the point where it wasn't a earthquake shaking but you could feel a strong vibration that began to shake your body and the very essence of reality around you. And shake everything. Not to the point of being uncomfortable but more like the vibration-feelings we have been going through during the ascension process. Most people have experienced vibrations and/or numbing feelings during this ascension. Well, it was like that but more intense and not intermittently like we have experienced during the ascension process...just constant vibration as the dimensional locks began to totally dissolve. There was kind of a soreness at first but then it tapered off as your body adjusted.

We were starting to separate. I started kind of floating up and the family hesitated except my 4 year daughter. She was already floating around.

The guardians told us to let go. And when I looked around, my family had different reactions. My teenage daughter knew it was time. My wife and son were not so sure and eventually they let go and were floating. It was funny. The girls (except Gaia who is still inside Auset) stayed with me, and my son stayed with his mother.

We could hear the guardians speak to us all together at the same time. They were telling us to go outside. Now our first instinct was to go out to our backyard. But they told us to go to the front yard. We stepped out into the yard and they told us not to hold hands. We all had to stand on our own but still in a circle. We could hear our neighbors thinking "What are they doing outside with all this going on?" They could feel the vibration but they didn't know what it was.

The guardians told us to let go and we would ascend physically into a different dimension. They told us to drop our cell phones on the ground; we would not need them. I look to my left and my 4 year daughter was already gone. My 14 year old was with me and ready to go. My wife and son kind of hesitated for a second. When they saw my teen daughter go, they both left and then I left after. (This happened in about 5 seconds. Like Whoosh! Poof! And we were gone). We were told to head for the Rainbow Bridge. I was alone and didn't see them. I saw other people on the bridge milling about but not choosing a direction. The bridge was maybe the width of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge spanning (pun intended) DC and VA but you could see to the other side.

There were people milling about on both sides of the bridge. Some choosing a direction and others just looking around in awe. I choose to cross the bridge. As I reached the center of the bridge, I saw my family coming from various directions to the center of the bridge. We met in the center and group hugged. The guardians then told us we had to jump off the bridge to go to the next phase of the ascension. (This next part happened in a matter of seconds). Again, my wife and son hesitated. I was tempted to just push them along this time and the guardians told me not to do that. They had to go on their own free will or not go at all. Once again we looked and my 4 year old was jumping off and then my teen daughter and then my wife and son. And I went last. It wasn't like one at a time though. It was like one of those Mountain Dew commercials were everyone jumps but at a staggered pace about a second apart.

So we landed into the 7D world of our neighborhood and there was nothing there except for our house and a network of roads. We didn't need cell phones to communicate with people long distances away. The guardians told us you don't need a cell phone you can just think to people. And I was like "Cool, kind of like Africa." My wife also noticed that our cars were gone and she wondered how we would get around this vast open area. Just as she spoke this, someone drove up in a car. I couldn't see if the car was driven by a person; I believe it was self-driving. You couldn't hear the had big tires, 26 inch wheels--like a Tesla on steroids. We got into the car and began driving around. The car had an onboard computer so we began looking up people's names to see who else was around. Only two families came up in our area: the couple that runs our homeschool collective, and my father and his wife. We visited with each of them to check in with their experiences in this sparsely populated realm. Time did not exist so we could not tell how long we were at each place but it felt like it could have been 100 years. It was such a pleasant existence.We sat around talking about what the next steps were for 7D.

However, we still have young children. The children were beginning to wonder what they would do about school. I told them I could homeschool them since money was not an object. The vision also did not include food or drink; we obtained energy by being breatharian.  (We probably would have at least drank water, gin, or beer at the shrine though as this is the custom.)

We went back to our house and when we went inside it was like a movie where the inside of the house was much bigger than the outside. It wasn't like a palace or a mansion. It was just what we needed: an extra bedroom, an extra bathroom, a bigger kitchen, and a bigger master bedroom.
Eventually, the children started to get bored and want to know if they could go back to school to see their friends. And I was thinking that even in the paradise of peace and quiet, there is still going to be some crazy family issue!

We heard the voice of the guardians again telling us that we could to back to 5D anytime we wanted and still have access to the peaceful world of 7D. They also said that 7D would not always be so sparsely populated--that more and more people would be ascending to that realm. Always remember there are way more people ahead of you than behind you. So we all talked about it and we projected back to 5D. There was never an issue about whether or not we could get back there because we could still see it. We just projected back there by thinking about it. This is what I talk about with changes in the sky. We could just see that dimension.

We went back to 5D and some of the people we knew were there and most were not. Only a few people chose that path. It seemed like most of the people I knew chose the 3D/phantom matrix timelines. There was a whole population of people there in the New Earth 5D and we met new people.


What I got from the dream, it reminded me of a movie like Star Wars. Every time they go to a different place, it's another dimension.

There was a scene in Star Wars Episode 2 where Obi Wan Kenobi visits his friend Dex in a cafe. He tells him to visit the planet Kamino which was 12 parsecs outside of the Rishi Maze. The planet Kamino was a water planet and the beings there were light beings with elongated necks, kind of like a preying mantis. They were on a different dimensional level; they were cloning armies. Every place they went to was a different dimension. The filmmakers were describing inter-dimensional travel and inter-dimensional beings. When I picture the Rishi Maze, I see that Density 5 level of consciousness: the Breneau, the Meta-Terrestrials, the Solar Rishi, and the "Founders Races".