Thursday, November 9, 2017


"Now you might wonder why, at this point in your evolution, you would need any darkness at all. And the truth is quite simple. Those who play the role of the dark are doing so to give you an opportunity to experience something you’ve never experienced before.
You know that you are unconditional love. You know this because when you hear it, that truth resonates with you. But how do you experience that unless you have something truly unlovable in front of you. When you choose to be who you really are, you help to take this universe to the next level. You help to tip the scales even further on the side of the light by offering more light."
Daniel Scranton is a channel for the Arcturian Council. 

I experienced this firsthand at work the other day. The secretary at my school send the building manager to take a piece of equipment from my room without asking me. I told him he couldn't take it because I use it on a regular basis and she needed to ask me anyway before taking it. She called and said that it was hers in the first place and she lent it to my predecessor...but now she is taking it back. This is totally like her to do something like this. I told her I had nothing to do with what happened two years ago but if she needs to have it, just take it. It doesn't belong to me anyway--it belongs to the county school system. She said she would bring it back in a few hours--but she didn't. I vented to a couple of coworkers that noticed I seemed a bit off. (I'm terrible at hiding how I truly feel.) I meditated and spoke to my Guardians. They told me to let it go. I remembered about 5 minutes after it happened that none of these material things matter anyway. It would just be an inconvenience for me to lug my documents downstairs and shred them in the main office. (Sometimes I shred a lot of stuff.)

I left the day job and started to prepare for my night school teaching job. As I was driving home, I realized that what the secretary really needed was my attention. And what she did forced me to think about her. Some people don't care if they receive negative or positive attention--they just need some energy. (And thoughts are very powerful energy. Thought constructs are what create a large part of our reality). She is very low energy and her health is not good, so any energy coming from an angelic is great for her. I was frustrated but I didn't give her any bad energy. I was hurt more than anything else since I always treat her with respect and help her in any way I can.

I was driving to my evening job and again realized that none of this material stuff matters and I just have to move forward--which I did.

Then I got to night school and one of my students was extra excitable, extra frustrated, and just extra. First, she was going on about how she wanted an A in the class. Then I caught her copying someone's paper. She tried to deny it and started getting really loud with me. I stayed calmed and explained to her that I was trying to help her. She kept getting more agitated and I decided that she needed to go see the counselor. She said she didn't want to leave and she wasn't going to leave. When I went to open the door, the handle broke! So now the other students (ages 16-19) had various reactions. Some started freaking out that we would be there all night. A couple remarked that it was the will of God since the student was always preaching to the class. I agreed with that and told them that it happened for a reason.  Apparently it was not meant for her to leave the class...or anyone else for that matter. After banging on the door for like five minutes for someone to come (and no one ever came), I started working on the lock. I kept them calm and eventually I was able to work the handle back on and open the door. Since there was only five minutes left in the class anyway, I let them go early.

As I was preparing for work this morning, I started thinking more about this situation and realized that none of this material stuff matters anyway. I said a prayer for the secretary and hoped that whatever peace she needed to find would come to her and that I would continue to be her angelic guide. I arrived to work to see that she had not returned the shredder. I just laughed to myself and wondered why I allowed something so trivial to get me frustrated in the first place. Was it my marriage? Was it my money issues? Was it the trip abroad I was taking in 6 days?  Was it because I'm still mourning my sister and two aunts that died over the summer?

In the end, around two hours after I got to work the custodian brought the scanner back to my office. What can you say about that?

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