Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Message From Mivtu Tec – My Pleidian Higher Self Guardian

Mivtu tec is a Pleidian female. I am 5’10” and ½ inches tall and weigh 45 kilos. I have bright blondish/white hair and whitish skin with purple/blue eyes.

Your guardian Waba Tec is a Orion female approximately 6 ft 5 inches in height and 195 pounds in weight. Measurement 34-26-40. I am bringing light energy from the place you call Africa and I was seeded to be a guardian of the African plane and people.

The blue second sun will be available for uptake and DNA template upgrade on December 4, 2018. We will begin to see the baseline of Gaia in the horizon this week on October 10, 2017. The Gaian energy will be available to all Starseeds, ascending beings, and ascending masters.
The ascending masters are beings in touch (connected to) with the Gaian energy and the mastery of people in the 7th dimension will become more apparent in the next few days

The sun flares will be more apparent and the sky will reflect the Gaian energy visible in the daytime for ascending masters

We will refer to all Starseeds and ascending being as ascending masters as long as they have connected with the Rishi and Oversoul identities and are currently channeling messages in their day to day life. Not that they have to be published channelers but they are communicating thought constructs from the higher dimensions, living the law of one, and seeing the prospect of living light love energy.

The ascending masters are coming to bring love and ascension to the masses. Be an ascending master. Peace and blessings

Ani Asar

Mivtu Tec

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