Wednesday, December 27, 2017

GODS OF KEMIT (Ancient Egypt): Who are they really?

I have noticed that many channelers are contacting various collectives (in particular the Horus collective, the Hathors). I'm not sure how we have missed the true names of the Kemitic (Egyptian gods).

"GOD" vs. "god"

First, I believe I must address the misunderstanding of the term "gods" with the lower case "g" versus God with the capital "G". Many people talk of the Kamitic people as polytheistic and that we worship many gods. We call all humans gods because we as angelic humans have the same characteristics of the one, true Almighty God just not in the same amount (i.e. a drop of ocean water v. the entire ocean). The "gods" of Kamit are individual characteristics of God Source qualified and personified. At one point, we were incarnated in human form and existed in human history (and we are back again, incarnated now during this ascension cycle timeline). More on this later.

We must begin using the proper name for Egypt which is Kemit. There are various spelling including Khamit, Kamit, and Khamit. I have seen it spelled so many ways. I will check with my friendly expert on all things Kamit, Dr. Kwaw Imana and update this blog when I get an answer.

Here's what has happened and why we must correct this as we move into 5D. Actually, the move to get rid of the distortions of the Blank Slate Technology is part of the move into truth and 5D thought constructs.

Our living time matrix was seeded 950 billion years ago (Earth time translation) by a God Source life wave. The Phantom Matrix was created 250 billion years ago (Earth time translation) by a collective of Fallen Angelics to suck light energy from our living matrix. Scalar-based weapons, the Blank Slate Technology (BST), were used to create minute time rips in our living matrix. This despicable plan would seemingly serve to "erase history," creating a "Blank Slate" of Earth history within which to insert the history of Phantom Earth. The Mandela Effect is one example of how humanity awakened to these changes and began to realize that something screwy was going on here.

The names most of us are using for the gods of Kemit are completely twisted and incorrect. Being lost in translation from the Rosetta Stone to Ancient Greek to Greek to English is of course the reason we are given for the change. However, it is a classic case of the BST effect on Earth's timelines and the distortion of the truth.


The only god name that was not affected by the distortion was Maat, divine law incarnate. Curious how that happened?!

Osiris = Ausar
Isis = Auset
Horus = Heru
Nephthys = Nebt-Het
Hathor = Het-Heru
Seth = Set
Thoth = Tehuti
Anubis = Anpu

The story of Ausar has been told and not accurately. You can view the true story on my YouTube channel (ANIAUSAR YOUTUBE CHANNEL). We are incarnated again to assist with the ascension process. 

Remember to use these true names instead of the false ones. 

Peace and Blessings,

Ani Ausar

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Pic from Airplane on Sunday, November 20, 2017

One of the first things I noticed around 2010 was a change in the sky. At first I could only see it at either the sunset, when it rained, when it was about to rain, or after it rained. After awhile, I could see it more often. Then around the solar eclipse August 2017 it became more frequent (once a week). During the Vernal Equinox (around September 22 or so) it was starting to be almost 2-3 times a week. Since around late October/early November 2017 it has been a daily occurrence.

Okay, what am I talking about. Cloud patterns. Cloud patterns that resemble landscapes--mountains, coast lines, valleys, roads, oceans with waves, lakes, etc. Some cloud patterns have even looked like trees wafting through the sky.

Once your frequency shifts, you will know what I am talking about. Spend more of your life with your head in the clouds. Watch the sky everyday.

When I was onboard a flight early this week, I could get a spectacular views of the landscape. This pic above shows some of it (my phone died before I got a pic of the frozen-looking landscape). It looked like an ice planet or just snow covered coastline with a clear view of the sea/ocean (the pic above shows the ocean).

The pics below give a pretty good glimpse of the landscape of the next dimension. The red oval shows the section of the sky (cloud pattern) that gives you an example of what the landscape looks like.

The yellow circle shows a pretty good pic of the Energy Portal (Stargate) opening. You may find many theories on how Stargates are working. Some will say that the gates are still closed to keep out the Fallen Angelics (and they were closed for a long time). Having said that, there are still ways for us to ascend through these "Rainbow Bridges". When you see one in the sky, repeat this mantra "I, state your name, am an Angelic Being and I am passing through this Stargate and I am ascending into the higher dimensions. I am connecting with my higher self: Oversoul state your name, Avatar state your name, Rishi state your name." BE SURE TO CALL UPON YOUR HIGHER SELF EVERYDAY. SPEAK TO THEM. ASK THEM QUESTIONS. THEY (YOU) WILL ANSWER YOU.😁


I was recently at a funeral. And the pastor was going on and on how it doesn't matter what you did in the past; and it doesn't matter what you do in the future because "Jesus" has sanctified you if you accept Him as a savior. Basically saying since you are born a sinner and you are going to keep on sinning it doesn't matter what you do as long as you have Jesus...which of course is absolutely wrong. You cannot ascend if you knowingly keep committing the sins over and over. So Christianity says that Jesus (really Yeshua) is the answer. That giving power to an outside source is the answer. You must look within and find the God within you. Follow the divine law--the Laws of Maat, from which the 10 commandments are derived. 

There is a lot of truth in the Bible. Most of it was extracted or skewed during the Council of Nicea. The true purpose of Christianity is to control, divide, and conquer.  Most likely those you love are Phase Locked--unable to leave a narrow-minded view of life. Read Keylontic Science. Also, Ascension Glossary by Lisa Renee. Subscribe to the Higher Self YouTube channel. If "something" brought you here, it was for a reason.