Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Expectations and Unconditional Love

CONDITION  - a state of affairs that must exist or be brought about before something else is possible or permitted; set prior requirements on (something) before it can occur or be done

EXPECTATION -  a belief that someone will or should achieve something; FROM EXPECT -  to consider bound in duty or obligated;to consider reasonable, due, or necessary

As you see from the definition of both terms, they are synonymous! How many times have you heard this: "You are holding me to unrealistic expectations." Now we have conditions of employment and expectations of job performance. Seems to be unavaoidable in this money-oriented society. In a perfect world, our jobs would be service to others and we would have unconditional love as pay.

For now, we must work to make unconditional love a part of our other relationships with friends and family.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A CHANNELLED MESSAGE: Greetings from the Pleiades and Orion

A channeled message from the Pleiades
Mivtu TEC Guardian of Earth, Tara and Gaia

People of New Earth Star you have ascended to a higher dimension--at this time--higher than you have in the past 200,000 years.  Be proud and humble. Be courageous and wary. Be troubled and relieved. These are the paradoxes of life that surround you. Be patient with each other. Everyone is not at that level and yet no one is better than anyone else. You are all on the same plane and yet some of you also are not. Angels will be placed in difficult situations and this is not to test you. This is your Angelic mission! Only an Angel can survive in harsh situations and flourish. You are placed in these situations to bring balance. Use your light and love energy to bring balance to chaos. You have the power. Show others the way--not through lectures and pontificating with the knowledge you posses. Show them the way though your kind actions; your kind words; emanating pure kindness and unconditional love. Treat those who curse you with respect. Bless those who try to harm you with love. Your energy will repel them. They will not be able to harm you. By now you know not to seek revenge on them. The Laws of Maat say: "I have not avenged myself". The Bible states: "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves...I will repay, saith the Lord." Place your trust forever in God Source and Source will take care of you. Those who are still living outside of the Law of One are still beholden to the laws of Karma. You should be there to help them pick up the pieces. Some of them will eventually learn. Some of them will not and they will keep repeating the same cycles over and over until they get it right, or they fall. Some will experience physical death and reincarnation on another 3D planet.

A message from Waba Tec of Orion, 

Pure energy beings of planet Gaia, saviors of the New Earth Star

Welcome to the 5th Dimension! You are beings of light that have chosen wisely and ascended through hard work, sweat and many tears. It was not an easy road and you traveled it successfully. You will begin to see planets in the sky larger than life. New worlds emerging through the clouds. Feelings of joy that cannot be undone no matter what the challenge set before you. There are many layers of the astral plane that you will traverse in the upcoming cycles. The cycles are now open for co-creation. Nothing is set in stone. All is fluid and waiting for you to manipulate with pure intentions --the new timelines and time cycles. As the new cycle begins with the lunar eclipse January 31, 2018 use that energy to bring into balance your light body and produce love energy.

Be at peace loved one,
Waba TEC

Nyame Sheddawo,
Ani Ausar


Friday, January 19, 2018

The Importance of Mental Health: Admitting When You Have An Issue

Good Morning,

I just found this article about Michael Phelps this morning and I wanted to share it with you all. He talked about how depressed he was after each Olympic Games. The more successful he was in the pool, the less happy he was once he returned home. He turned to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. He even considered suicide. Eventually he decided to take control of his life. How? He realized that he need help!


Thursday, January 18, 2018

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The Mighty Truth 


The mighty seers are lightworkers that have superior psychic and third eye abilities. Seers have the ability to open up their third eye or psychic sight making them have heightened awareness of the spirit realm and uncovering the veil of illusion. Their gifts include psychic readings, to inspire, empower, and to guide others to the truth as well as the truth of the world. Also, they may aid in healing, transmutation, presenting others with variations of truth, and ways to release blocked energy.
Our four-year-old is a seer. From the womb, she was able to communicate her wants and dislikes. She had a deep gaze and did not blink her eyes at all. I know scientifically people typically don't have black eyes, but hers were black. She was able at the age of four months to imitate words that resembled human language.  As she developed and her speech became more formalized, she would encourage us to feed the ancestors. She would say things like "the ancestors are very hungry, and we need to feed them." She would let us know when spirits were nearby and often struggles with sleeping in her bed at night due to her seeing black shadows. She also enjoys communing with Gaia/Earth by touching the earth. She believes in telling the truth even if it hurts.
Seer's energy is used to bring light,  power, and their sheer presence makes a difference in the world. Seers reveal the truth behind the shadows bringing consciousness to the forefront of our minds. They tend to be psychics, judges, and truth activists. Seers help us to recognize the truth within ourselves so we can ascend.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


This is Waba Tec of the Eleutherian Council bringing a message of peace and blessings through our conduit Ani the Scribe

Please be at oneness with each other throughout this month. There will be many challenges ahead in the next two weeks and them boom. Peace and Bliss. We cannot say exactly how that will manifest in your life as you are now co-creators. Whatever you create within the boundaries of your power and light will be manifest. Will it be a new car or a new house? Other material objects? At this time, it is hard to say how materials objects will manifest for humanity since so much of it (the need for the materialistic world) is run amok. Perhaps you need a new car to get back and forth to work. Think about what car that will be. Something within your budget. Something good for your family and the environment. If it does not fit what is in your path, you will not receive it. This message is more for Ani than all of of you. However, some of you need to hear it as well.

Be sure to include your family in whatever decision you choose to make as far as money and finance goes. The system of money is coming to an end. You just have to know that this is true. If you have plenty of money and this worries you, don't worry. No one is coming to take your money. You simply will just have no use for it. Will you just let it sit in a 3D bank? Will you use it to help those in 3D? Will you just give it away? Once you can manifest what you need at will, you will be faced with a pleasant problem of what to do with the 3D money you need longer need or desire.

A message from Minge Tec of The Eleutherian Council, Protector of Ani, Guardian to Ani the Scribe.

Greetings and salutations,

Earthers and Tarans

Congratulations! You have won the game. If you are hearing or reading this, you have reached the 5D threshold or you are well ensconced in the 5D astral plane. You are well into the transition to the next level up. How you say is that possible? The dimensional locks of ARPS have shifted and allowed you into the Soul Matrix identify level and you have access to dimensions 4-6. You exist in 5D and have a good view of dimensions 7-9 as you are now tuned into the Gaian frequencies. This shift has done even more for you. You now have awareness of your higher dimensional self. Awareness is access! Tap into your Rishi, your Oversoul, Your Avatar and picture yourselves as pillars of light. Imagine one of those space POV pictures of earth and envision your Rishi light body glowing in white, liquid light and standing over the Earth. Grounding a beam of light all the way down through Aramatena, through the surface of Gaia, and connecting to Tara. Coming through the top of your head via the Crown Chakra and lighting up your body in the colors of the Chakra system. Activating your Merkaba. Picture yourself sitting in a triangular pyramid and then picture another one inversely congruent with the point facing down. (Picture below)

Spin your energy at the following rate. 33 1/3 Clockwise in the top triangular pyramid to 11 2/3 Counter Clockwise on the bottom pyramid. End of Lesson.

Peace and Blessings,

Ani the Scribe
Waba Tec of Orion
Minge Tec of Pleiades


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Letting it All Go!

Image result for dropping a pen

One of my favorite shows is the Big Bang Theory. There was an episode when a character was trying to release some acrimony toward his girlfriend and he was having trouble with it. It was suggested that he imagine he was holding a pen...and then let drop to the floor. He struggled with the concept as he became attached to the imaginary pen.

It's the same way in real life. We hold onto whatever is ailing us and then eventually it becomes toxic and cancerous. I had three family members die of cancer in 2017 and one characteristic they all had was the ability to hold a grudge like no other. My sister, rest her soul, would bring up stuff I did when I was a child as a reason for some reaction years later!

We must learn to let go the traumas, deceptions, and slights we have endured in the past before it becomes cancerous and affects our physical body and our light body. Focus your energy on letting that person be who they are. Ask yourself: "Why I am allowing this person to have so much power over who I am? Does it really matter that much? Is it worth me becoming sick over this? Why I am holding someone to expectations?"

True love is unconditional. EXPECTATIONS ARE CONDITIONS!

Peace and Blessings,

Ani the Scribe

Monday, January 15, 2018


You have seen videos from the collectives, the guardians, the councils, and Higher Self talking about the higher self. You have heard the names Soul Identity, Oversoul, Avatar. and Rishi. The following is a Primer for the newly ascending and a refresher for the ascending masters.
The following are a few signs that you have embodied at oneness with your higher self:

Uncanny Instincts and Clairvoyance

You always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Often times you miss dangerous situations on your job especially if you work in "blue collar " or construction trades. For the office worker, you are often able to dodge a lot of the drama on your job--avoiding the gossip and water cooler BS.  You also avoid drama in your social life because you can sense that something or someone is not right as the old folks say. You listen to that voice within you and you realize that it is correct all the time. And when you listen to that voice the results are uncannily positive. You are able to see things before they happen and avoid the pitfalls many people around you are falling into.

Attraction to Like Vibrations and Frequencies, Repusion of Negative Energy

You have started to be more attracted to certain frequencies and repulsed by others. You have surrounded yourself with positive-minded people and places. The mere thought of going certain places and talking to certain people sets off the warning alarms in your mind, body and soul. You can feel the bad vibrations in the pit of your stomach.

You Feel Okay With Being Alone 

You avoid large crowds as much as possible. You rarely go out to clubs, bars, and restaurants. You would rather stay home in the peaceful environment you have created and spend time reading, meditating, and ascending. You spend a lot of time with your family or closer friends that understand you and are on the same frequency.

I have always lived with other people my entire life. I lived with my mother, father, and sister growing up. I had a roommate in college. I moved back with my mother after college. I moved out with my future wife after that and I currently live with her and our three children. Having any alone time is precious with so many people grabbing for attention all the time. When I am alone, I have time to connect with my higher selves and it is a more peaceful experience than being in the stress of working in the school system and helping to run a busy household. Be sure to make time to be alone with your higher selves and communicate with them through deep meditation.

Talking to Yourself 

At times, you speak out loud to yourself. In education, we call that the "think aloud". You pray aloud, say mantras aloud, and read aloud. You feel at peace with speaking aloud and you have no problem waiting on your higher self to give you answers to your think aloud queries.

From the time I was a child, I always talked to myself a lot. My sister used to tease me all the time and ask me who I was talking to. Normally, I would stumble through some stupid lie (there weren't any other children in the house). And then she would tease "Talking to yourself. Talking to yourself."

Eventually, I realized who I was talking to and when I meditate on a particular thought construct my higher self and I have mental conversations. I still talk to myself a lot. Normally, I save it for when I am alone so people don't think I'm looney. My teenage daughter talks to herself a lot as well. I asked her who she was talking to and she said that she was just thinking out loud. I explained to her that she is speaking to her higher selves and that she should reach out to them. I told her to speak to them by name--Rishi, Avatar, Oversoul--and wait for them to respond during mediation.

There are times that I am alone in the house and I can hear them speak to me out loud. Or at least loud enough in my mind that it seems to be audible, especially when I am sleep or drifting off. They are not long, drawn out conversations; they might just say my name or give some one word direction like "Stop" or "Listen" or speak the name of one of my children that needs my presence, thoughts, or energy.

Keep Ascending,

Ani Ausar

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Gone totally! And hopefully forgotten by all humans!

This just in today January 2, 2018 11:45 am EST.

The phantom matrix expired today and the outlook for 2018 is unusually positive for all humans especially the angelics. Most of you have been waiting for this moment since you have awakened to the reality of the Fallen Anglics and their horrible domination of this time matrix. Your first contact is well under way. In certain places of the world contacts are meeting with their ET counterparts as we type this January 2, 2018 1:41 PM EST.

This is Mitvtu Tec of the Pleaidian Alliance, Guardian of Earth's prophet Ani the scribe, protector of all things human, bringer of light, higher self of the unborn child of Queen Auset.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018



Transmuters are light workers that neutralize negative energy by transmuting it into light by releasing their light. When the negativity is returned to divine power, balance can be restored. Transmuters can also transmute past karma, and they often choose to be born into families with bad karma to restore balance.  The transmutation of past karma helps to heal humanity's consciousness and ancestral line. Transmuters that are currently on Gaia/Earth are busy working to transmute lower vibrational levels into higher frequencies that produce love and light. They can accomplish this by merely existing on Gaia/Earth which increases light wherever they travel. In fact, they attract negative energy to transform it into higher vibrational energy which fights against dark forces on this planet.

Our son is a transmuter. When he was small, he would go into deep trances while sleeping. One night, when he was four years of age, he went into a deep trance, and we could not wake him. The trance was so deep that we had to shake him several times and apply water on the back of his neck and feet to get him to wake. We tried to wake him for about five minutes before we could bring him back to this side. When he awoke, he stated that he was in the spirit realm with the ancestors and that they lit his body with the colors of the rainbow. We later understood that they were working on his chakra system.  The trances would happen during certain times of the year mainly corresponding with the winter solstice and summer equinox. Transmuters are also natural empaths because they are in tune with negative emotions as well as positive ones. They tend to be compassionate and sensing individuals.

In essence, transmuters serve to dissolve, heal, release, and help their ancestral lines as well as past karma on plant Gaia/Earth. They move in silence, but their reach is mighty. We give thanks for our transmuters and recognize that our planet would be darker without them.    

Sunday, January 7, 2018




Saturday, January 6, 2018


Image result for black children and white children together

Imagine filling out one of those ubiquitous forms we have always seen with checkboxes for "race" and it reads as follows:

The only race on this planet is the HUMAN RACE! We have been brainwashed, manipulated, mixed up, broken, and taken for a joke. We are finally waking up, ascending, and learning how to relate to one another, respect each other, and love each other unconditionally. I have had many burning questions. How will we know that racism and prejudice will end? What do we call each other: Black, White, Asian, Albion, Moor, African, Latino, Islanders, Bi-Racial, and on and one. The list seems endless. The only thing we should called each other is ANGELIC HUMAN!!!

I use the word "human type" to describe the various ethnicities of humans rather than race.

How far we ascend as a group depends on us at this point. I have not attended any events or conferences of the "ascension community" to give any feedback on prejudice existing. I also have not heard of it happening so I'm assuming it must be nonexistent. When I look at pictures of events, people of color are very under represented.  However, I have seen a variety of human types represented in the video submissions on the Higher Self YouTube Channel and in the articles on the In5D website blog. Thank you Higher Self, Gregg Prescott, and Michelle Walling.

Many of the Albion in the world have worked to recycle past mistakes of their ancestors because they feel terrible about these mistakes. They are working to repair the Karma of their human type. I too feel terrible about the mistakes Africans made in the past toward other human types. I work all the time to help repair that karma and I am dedicated to the mission of spreading the Law of One.

Too much energy goes into the whole "black, white, thing" (Asian, Latino, Arabic, etc.) We have to get past that. A lot of people don't listen to others based upon how they look. With black people, sometimes religion holds them back. Because it has us thinking that we have to go through someone else to be saved when you are your own savior. Some religions push you deeper into the Victim-Victimizer game and people must realize that they are not victims. And they are not here to victimize and prey on the weaknesses of others. You are a part of Source and you are a co creator. You don't go to someone else to get power; you have innate power.

There is a deeply imbedded feeling of inferiority holding back some Africans as well. There is a saying in Ghana that " If you are on your way to church and see a white man, you can go home. You have already seen God." We must begin to view all humans as gods and be at one with each other.

Racism and prejudice based upon human type is a 3D construct. It will not exist in 5D New Earth. It cannot exist on 5D New Earth.

Peace and Blessings,

Ani the Scribe

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Have you ever wondered if you are a grid worker?

Grid workers are light-workers that deal with grids on Gaia/Earth. Planetary grid networks are a living consciousness matrix that is encoded with the blueprint or original instructions set for the divine plan that will help to evolve all desired souls. I say desired because it is a choice.  The primary job of grid workers is to ensure that they connect all hearts of living entities; while awakening those who are asleep. Thus, prevailing against fallen entities that are damaging the planetary grid system. Grid workers often resonate with numbers like "555", "535" and "1111". When grid workers are born into the world, they are highly anticipated by all. Their birth into the world is extraordinary, and many people gather to see them arrive. They are liked by many and have no problems making friends. They can go into any situation and prevail, and they have a strong will to succeed.

When our daughter was born, people came from all over to see her. The hospital was full, and she was welcomed by many.  In fact, even the whole nursing unit came to greet her. I can remember strangers walking up to me asking if they could have her? She would always have the most insightful thoughts about the world and people around her.  Often, she would prefer to stay home rather than go out and would only pick specific places to go. I now understand that these areas that she enjoyed are linked to grid work on Gaia.

When we are describing grid work we are talking about the consciousness body that is representing the map of the Galaxy on earth.  In other words, they are the actual pathways on Gaia to open hearts to allow in light and uplift the vibrational levels which are necessary for the ascension process.  Do you ever feel that you or your child/ren were born as a Grid worker? If so, please share your experiences so we all can learn.
Peace and Blessings!

NYANKOPON, EXTRATERRESTRIALS, AND THE AKAN: Is Full Disclosure by the Mainstream Media Necessary?

Full disclosure has been on my mind for some time now and I wonder if it is important for us to receive validation from the mainstream system which has mislead us forever. My Pleiadian, Artcurian, and Sirian guardians have given me several visions on what this will look like for the future.

The first step has already happened and is currently happening. ETs have made and will continue to make physical contact with angelic humans on a small, one-on-one basis. Various Pleaidians, Orions, and Sirians have been making contact with the Dogon people of Mali, the Mayans, the Sumerians, and many others for many thousands of years. The Akan people have been connected with who we call the "Nyankopon" (Star Being from Sirius) and the "Twiaduampon" (a higher level Star Being from Sirius). It's is well documented by Zulu Sangusi Credo Mutwa, Native American Historian Robert Morningsky, Akan Historian J.B. Danquah, and many other cultures that the reptilian races of Sirius and Orion are one of the oldest in our time matrix (our known universe) and they have had the technology of interstellar travel for billions of years. They have visited this planet for a long time, usually with selfish intentions. The current visits are from beings here to propagate the Law of One, spread love, and participate in the ascension cycles of our time matrix. As we are ascending, so are they! We are very important to them and they are very important to us. The Law of One.

The next step will be ET contact with larger groups of people (i.e. the In 5D Conference, Inner Light Network, Higher Self Community, various African collectives, etc.). As small groups, we will be able to assuage some of the anxiety the masses might have. The 3D masses won't have access to the frequency thus they won't be able to see the light ships just as many of them don't notice the changes in the sky like in the picture above.

Finally, there will be open contact with light working ETs. By this time, the frequency shift will have taken place and the bifurcation will be completely apparent.   The Illuminati factions that have hidden the truth for so long no longer have control over the collective consciousness, so when they try to flood the media with negative campaigns it won't have the widespread dumbing-down effect and panic effect they desire. Only those who have chosen the 3D Phantom Matrix path will be drawn into the panic, and the ascending beings will watch it from a far distance if they choose. Everyday the reach of the Cabal is being limited due to the masses waking up and not falling for the trappings of the system.

We knowingly incarnated here on Terra (Earth) to be part of the Great Experiment. The experiment was to ascertain how far we could ascend in a system of convolution and abuse of free will by the higher dimensional beings (Fallen Angelics, Negative Aliens) and their lower dimensional representatives (the Illuminati families). They have been given many chances to accept the Law of One and follow a service to others path which they have rejected.  Finally, the Great Experiment has ended!

Some of the reptilians races that were responsible for abusing humanity and wrecking 3D have now recycled their behavior, renounced selfishness, embodied at-oneness with their full 15 dimensional identity matrix, reconnected with their Rishi and the energy matrix, and remembered their connection to Source; they are now light workers helping humanity to ascend. One of my Guardians from Orion, Waba Tec (7D), told me that her higher selves from 11D were once part of the Wesa Collective that were involved in the fall. However, she and her higher selves chose to move into a service to others path and join the living matrix. Part of their mission is to assist with the healing process of 3D Terra and help humans ascend to 5D Tara in order to fulfill our angelic mission which is to help continue Terra's ascension cycle and rebuild the time matrix to embody the full 15 dimensional matrix once again for the first time in over 200,000 years. They will continue to contact us and channel information to us as we connect with our higher selves.

My guardian Isvtuvag Tec of Arcturus guided me to know that the Internet has become the most reliable tool for spreading the truth and has become the best network for news among light workers. WE'RE OUR OWN NETWORK FOR NEWS! WE HAVE THE MOST RELIABLE NEWS! EVERYTHING ELSE IS FAKE NEWS!!

Peace and blessings,

Ani the Scribe speaking with
Isvtuvag Tec of Arcturus
Waba Tec of Orion

Monday, January 1, 2018

Greetings and Salutations from Orion, the Pleaides, Arcturus, Alcyone, and Sirius

Message from Waba Tec of Orion:

Image result for green alien womanWaba Tec is a Reptilian female here to bring peace and blessings upon the humans of the African diaspora. In the new year, you will experience many challenges that will bring about changes to your life as it concerns the energy of money. Do not think that money is the cause of all your problems as money IS the problem. Money cannot be considered the answer to your problems as money IS the problem. People are sure to think that Ani is just another hater or person without money and in fact he has been given just enough money to support his family and will be endowed with just enough money to further his cause of Inner Light Network until money no longer matters and exists.

Message from Isvtuvag Tec of the Arcturus Star System

Greetings and Salutation from the Blue Arcturus Star System:

Image result for purple alien man arcturusWe have come to guide Ani in the directions of peace and blessings to all angelic humans. We are his guides and guardians. We have made sure that his money-making endeavors have netted zero because money will lead you down the path to spiritual ruin. In the near future, money will not be an issue for angelic humans. You will not need money to succeed. The people around you with money will be the least successful. But how you choose to measure success is the question? If having a big house and a fancy car is all that you use to measure spiritual success, then you are truly poor in spirit. Money should not be viewed as the “be all” for life to be successful. In fact, money measures the exact opposite. Money is more of a measure of where the system places value-- on your slavery to the system of credit. Money management which is slavery management, and credit recovery of your exemptions taken at birth through the birth certificate process and the 1933 restructuring of the broken economy. The economy still has not been fixed and will never be fixed because the system of money has been broken forever. It was designed to be broken and to break those within it. To make you a good slave. And to make you enslave yourself by chasing money and credit. A good slave is “good credit” and “good money management”. Money management is slave management.

Inje Tec the yellow skinned Guardian from Sirius has a New Year message for all the Ascending Masters, Angelic Humans, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystalline Creatures, Mandinka warriors, Albion Starseeds, Asian peoples, Latino Aztecs, Mayan Time Matrix Monitors, and here we go:

People of New Earth,
Image result for yellow alien man siriusYou have made it through what we see as the worse-case scenario ever experimented in one life cycle. And through all the life cycles you have experienced this has been the most growth we have ever heard of any race of planetary souls to experience in the shortest amount of what you view as time. Time does not exist anymore for you. This year will fly by for you. You will wake up one day and it will be December 31, 2018. 12 months will seem like 12 years. A lot will happen in a very short amount of time. Why not feel like 12 minutes you ask? Because time will speed by in the shortest amount of time and you experience more in that 12 months than you would in 12 years; that is how fast it is going to go by. Before you know it, it will be spring equinox energy, and then summer solstice energy, and so forth. Please be sure to take care of yourselves and eat lightly for the year. If you are eating meat, cut out pork and red meat and only eat small amounts of chicken and fish. Try to limit meat as much as possible. Some ETs are threatened by meat eaters. It reminds them of your reptilian ancestors that hunted other beings ate them as meat. Don’t be afraid of your meat cravings though; it is in your DNA. Don’t fight the urges to the point of losing your mind over it. If you balance your diet it won’t matter if you eat a little meat. If you balance yourself, it really won’t matter. Lots of people are Vegetarian and vegan but not ascending. Why you ask? Because inherently they are not good people. Give me a good person who eats meat in an abstemious manner that follows the Laws of One and the Laws of Maat over a lying, scheming, plotting, selfish, Vegan.

Mivtu Tec, Albion Goddess of the Pleaides Star System, Guardian of Ani the Scribe, Protector of the Antiquity of Kemit, bringer of peace and light:

I implore you to read,
Image result for woman from Pleiades
Beings of Light and discomfort, Earthers, and Angelic Humans I bring to you this new year message of peace and light. The images of the sky Ani speaks about are just the beginning of the ascension realization that will occur from 2018 to 2030. The sky patterns will tell you exactly where you are in the process. Time will no longer be your enemy: “nothing [harms] you harder than time” is the mantra humans have fought for so long. Pun intended. There is no long time or short time. There is no “speaking time” and “having time” and “time is money”. You have already heard my peers’ treatise on money so I will not harp on that. Beings of light, know that you are not alone--are never alone--we are with you. Who are we? Our higher self. Your Rishi. Your Oversoul (and there are lots of us--over 1,748), Your Soul Identities. We are here for you. Reach out to us. Call us by name and we will answer you when you are in deep mediation. With practice eventually you will be able to speak with us while you are doing menial tasks like working, thinking about grocery shopping, or talking to others. We will guide and protect you. Listen to us! We are your conscience on steroids. Super conscience. Buffed up conscience. We will never lead you astray. You cannot say that you were not told this when the judgement comes. And who judges you? You judge yourself.

Grig Tec also know by the proper moniker of Minge Tec:

Image result for short blue man from alcyone 

The higher you ascend the more loss you will experience--those around you that have not ascended and/or are not on the ascension path. They will not hold the frequency and will be in need of a soul matrix transplant. Most of them will reincarnate on another 3D world.

Peace and blessings,
Ani the scribe,
Grig Tec
Isvtuvag Tec
Inje Tec
Waba Tec

Mivtu Tec