Monday, January 1, 2018

Greetings and Salutations from Orion, the Pleaides, Arcturus, Alcyone, and Sirius

Message from Waba Tec of Orion:

Image result for green alien womanWaba Tec is a Reptilian female here to bring peace and blessings upon the humans of the African diaspora. In the new year, you will experience many challenges that will bring about changes to your life as it concerns the energy of money. Do not think that money is the cause of all your problems as money IS the problem. Money cannot be considered the answer to your problems as money IS the problem. People are sure to think that Ani is just another hater or person without money and in fact he has been given just enough money to support his family and will be endowed with just enough money to further his cause of Inner Light Network until money no longer matters and exists.

Message from Isvtuvag Tec of the Arcturus Star System

Greetings and Salutation from the Blue Arcturus Star System:

Image result for purple alien man arcturusWe have come to guide Ani in the directions of peace and blessings to all angelic humans. We are his guides and guardians. We have made sure that his money-making endeavors have netted zero because money will lead you down the path to spiritual ruin. In the near future, money will not be an issue for angelic humans. You will not need money to succeed. The people around you with money will be the least successful. But how you choose to measure success is the question? If having a big house and a fancy car is all that you use to measure spiritual success, then you are truly poor in spirit. Money should not be viewed as the “be all” for life to be successful. In fact, money measures the exact opposite. Money is more of a measure of where the system places value-- on your slavery to the system of credit. Money management which is slavery management, and credit recovery of your exemptions taken at birth through the birth certificate process and the 1933 restructuring of the broken economy. The economy still has not been fixed and will never be fixed because the system of money has been broken forever. It was designed to be broken and to break those within it. To make you a good slave. And to make you enslave yourself by chasing money and credit. A good slave is “good credit” and “good money management”. Money management is slave management.

Inje Tec the yellow skinned Guardian from Sirius has a New Year message for all the Ascending Masters, Angelic Humans, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystalline Creatures, Mandinka warriors, Albion Starseeds, Asian peoples, Latino Aztecs, Mayan Time Matrix Monitors, and here we go:

People of New Earth,
Image result for yellow alien man siriusYou have made it through what we see as the worse-case scenario ever experimented in one life cycle. And through all the life cycles you have experienced this has been the most growth we have ever heard of any race of planetary souls to experience in the shortest amount of what you view as time. Time does not exist anymore for you. This year will fly by for you. You will wake up one day and it will be December 31, 2018. 12 months will seem like 12 years. A lot will happen in a very short amount of time. Why not feel like 12 minutes you ask? Because time will speed by in the shortest amount of time and you experience more in that 12 months than you would in 12 years; that is how fast it is going to go by. Before you know it, it will be spring equinox energy, and then summer solstice energy, and so forth. Please be sure to take care of yourselves and eat lightly for the year. If you are eating meat, cut out pork and red meat and only eat small amounts of chicken and fish. Try to limit meat as much as possible. Some ETs are threatened by meat eaters. It reminds them of your reptilian ancestors that hunted other beings ate them as meat. Don’t be afraid of your meat cravings though; it is in your DNA. Don’t fight the urges to the point of losing your mind over it. If you balance your diet it won’t matter if you eat a little meat. If you balance yourself, it really won’t matter. Lots of people are Vegetarian and vegan but not ascending. Why you ask? Because inherently they are not good people. Give me a good person who eats meat in an abstemious manner that follows the Laws of One and the Laws of Maat over a lying, scheming, plotting, selfish, Vegan.

Mivtu Tec, Albion Goddess of the Pleaides Star System, Guardian of Ani the Scribe, Protector of the Antiquity of Kemit, bringer of peace and light:

I implore you to read,
Image result for woman from Pleiades
Beings of Light and discomfort, Earthers, and Angelic Humans I bring to you this new year message of peace and light. The images of the sky Ani speaks about are just the beginning of the ascension realization that will occur from 2018 to 2030. The sky patterns will tell you exactly where you are in the process. Time will no longer be your enemy: “nothing [harms] you harder than time” is the mantra humans have fought for so long. Pun intended. There is no long time or short time. There is no “speaking time” and “having time” and “time is money”. You have already heard my peers’ treatise on money so I will not harp on that. Beings of light, know that you are not alone--are never alone--we are with you. Who are we? Our higher self. Your Rishi. Your Oversoul (and there are lots of us--over 1,748), Your Soul Identities. We are here for you. Reach out to us. Call us by name and we will answer you when you are in deep mediation. With practice eventually you will be able to speak with us while you are doing menial tasks like working, thinking about grocery shopping, or talking to others. We will guide and protect you. Listen to us! We are your conscience on steroids. Super conscience. Buffed up conscience. We will never lead you astray. You cannot say that you were not told this when the judgement comes. And who judges you? You judge yourself.

Grig Tec also know by the proper moniker of Minge Tec:

Image result for short blue man from alcyone 

The higher you ascend the more loss you will experience--those around you that have not ascended and/or are not on the ascension path. They will not hold the frequency and will be in need of a soul matrix transplant. Most of them will reincarnate on another 3D world.

Peace and blessings,
Ani the scribe,
Grig Tec
Isvtuvag Tec
Inje Tec
Waba Tec

Mivtu Tec

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