Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Have you ever wondered if you are a grid worker?

Grid workers are light-workers that deal with grids on Gaia/Earth. Planetary grid networks are a living consciousness matrix that is encoded with the blueprint or original instructions set for the divine plan that will help to evolve all desired souls. I say desired because it is a choice.  The primary job of grid workers is to ensure that they connect all hearts of living entities; while awakening those who are asleep. Thus, prevailing against fallen entities that are damaging the planetary grid system. Grid workers often resonate with numbers like "555", "535" and "1111". When grid workers are born into the world, they are highly anticipated by all. Their birth into the world is extraordinary, and many people gather to see them arrive. They are liked by many and have no problems making friends. They can go into any situation and prevail, and they have a strong will to succeed.

When our daughter was born, people came from all over to see her. The hospital was full, and she was welcomed by many.  In fact, even the whole nursing unit came to greet her. I can remember strangers walking up to me asking if they could have her? She would always have the most insightful thoughts about the world and people around her.  Often, she would prefer to stay home rather than go out and would only pick specific places to go. I now understand that these areas that she enjoyed are linked to grid work on Gaia.

When we are describing grid work we are talking about the consciousness body that is representing the map of the Galaxy on earth.  In other words, they are the actual pathways on Gaia to open hearts to allow in light and uplift the vibrational levels which are necessary for the ascension process.  Do you ever feel that you or your child/ren were born as a Grid worker? If so, please share your experiences so we all can learn.
Peace and Blessings!

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