Monday, January 15, 2018


You have seen videos from the collectives, the guardians, the councils, and Higher Self talking about the higher self. You have heard the names Soul Identity, Oversoul, Avatar. and Rishi. The following is a Primer for the newly ascending and a refresher for the ascending masters.
The following are a few signs that you have embodied at oneness with your higher self:

Uncanny Instincts and Clairvoyance

You always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Often times you miss dangerous situations on your job especially if you work in "blue collar " or construction trades. For the office worker, you are often able to dodge a lot of the drama on your job--avoiding the gossip and water cooler BS.  You also avoid drama in your social life because you can sense that something or someone is not right as the old folks say. You listen to that voice within you and you realize that it is correct all the time. And when you listen to that voice the results are uncannily positive. You are able to see things before they happen and avoid the pitfalls many people around you are falling into.

Attraction to Like Vibrations and Frequencies, Repusion of Negative Energy

You have started to be more attracted to certain frequencies and repulsed by others. You have surrounded yourself with positive-minded people and places. The mere thought of going certain places and talking to certain people sets off the warning alarms in your mind, body and soul. You can feel the bad vibrations in the pit of your stomach.

You Feel Okay With Being Alone 

You avoid large crowds as much as possible. You rarely go out to clubs, bars, and restaurants. You would rather stay home in the peaceful environment you have created and spend time reading, meditating, and ascending. You spend a lot of time with your family or closer friends that understand you and are on the same frequency.

I have always lived with other people my entire life. I lived with my mother, father, and sister growing up. I had a roommate in college. I moved back with my mother after college. I moved out with my future wife after that and I currently live with her and our three children. Having any alone time is precious with so many people grabbing for attention all the time. When I am alone, I have time to connect with my higher selves and it is a more peaceful experience than being in the stress of working in the school system and helping to run a busy household. Be sure to make time to be alone with your higher selves and communicate with them through deep meditation.

Talking to Yourself 

At times, you speak out loud to yourself. In education, we call that the "think aloud". You pray aloud, say mantras aloud, and read aloud. You feel at peace with speaking aloud and you have no problem waiting on your higher self to give you answers to your think aloud queries.

From the time I was a child, I always talked to myself a lot. My sister used to tease me all the time and ask me who I was talking to. Normally, I would stumble through some stupid lie (there weren't any other children in the house). And then she would tease "Talking to yourself. Talking to yourself."

Eventually, I realized who I was talking to and when I meditate on a particular thought construct my higher self and I have mental conversations. I still talk to myself a lot. Normally, I save it for when I am alone so people don't think I'm looney. My teenage daughter talks to herself a lot as well. I asked her who she was talking to and she said that she was just thinking out loud. I explained to her that she is speaking to her higher selves and that she should reach out to them. I told her to speak to them by name--Rishi, Avatar, Oversoul--and wait for them to respond during mediation.

There are times that I am alone in the house and I can hear them speak to me out loud. Or at least loud enough in my mind that it seems to be audible, especially when I am sleep or drifting off. They are not long, drawn out conversations; they might just say my name or give some one word direction like "Stop" or "Listen" or speak the name of one of my children that needs my presence, thoughts, or energy.

Keep Ascending,

Ani Ausar

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