Saturday, January 6, 2018


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Imagine filling out one of those ubiquitous forms we have always seen with checkboxes for "race" and it reads as follows:

The only race on this planet is the HUMAN RACE! We have been brainwashed, manipulated, mixed up, broken, and taken for a joke. We are finally waking up, ascending, and learning how to relate to one another, respect each other, and love each other unconditionally. I have had many burning questions. How will we know that racism and prejudice will end? What do we call each other: Black, White, Asian, Albion, Moor, African, Latino, Islanders, Bi-Racial, and on and one. The list seems endless. The only thing we should called each other is ANGELIC HUMAN!!!

I use the word "human type" to describe the various ethnicities of humans rather than race.

How far we ascend as a group depends on us at this point. I have not attended any events or conferences of the "ascension community" to give any feedback on prejudice existing. I also have not heard of it happening so I'm assuming it must be nonexistent. When I look at pictures of events, people of color are very under represented.  However, I have seen a variety of human types represented in the video submissions on the Higher Self YouTube Channel and in the articles on the In5D website blog. Thank you Higher Self, Gregg Prescott, and Michelle Walling.

Many of the Albion in the world have worked to recycle past mistakes of their ancestors because they feel terrible about these mistakes. They are working to repair the Karma of their human type. I too feel terrible about the mistakes Africans made in the past toward other human types. I work all the time to help repair that karma and I am dedicated to the mission of spreading the Law of One.

Too much energy goes into the whole "black, white, thing" (Asian, Latino, Arabic, etc.) We have to get past that. A lot of people don't listen to others based upon how they look. With black people, sometimes religion holds them back. Because it has us thinking that we have to go through someone else to be saved when you are your own savior. Some religions push you deeper into the Victim-Victimizer game and people must realize that they are not victims. And they are not here to victimize and prey on the weaknesses of others. You are a part of Source and you are a co creator. You don't go to someone else to get power; you have innate power.

There is a deeply imbedded feeling of inferiority holding back some Africans as well. There is a saying in Ghana that " If you are on your way to church and see a white man, you can go home. You have already seen God." We must begin to view all humans as gods and be at one with each other.

Racism and prejudice based upon human type is a 3D construct. It will not exist in 5D New Earth. It cannot exist on 5D New Earth.

Peace and Blessings,

Ani the Scribe

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