Thursday, January 18, 2018

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The Mighty Truth 


The mighty seers are lightworkers that have superior psychic and third eye abilities. Seers have the ability to open up their third eye or psychic sight making them have heightened awareness of the spirit realm and uncovering the veil of illusion. Their gifts include psychic readings, to inspire, empower, and to guide others to the truth as well as the truth of the world. Also, they may aid in healing, transmutation, presenting others with variations of truth, and ways to release blocked energy.
Our four-year-old is a seer. From the womb, she was able to communicate her wants and dislikes. She had a deep gaze and did not blink her eyes at all. I know scientifically people typically don't have black eyes, but hers were black. She was able at the age of four months to imitate words that resembled human language.  As she developed and her speech became more formalized, she would encourage us to feed the ancestors. She would say things like "the ancestors are very hungry, and we need to feed them." She would let us know when spirits were nearby and often struggles with sleeping in her bed at night due to her seeing black shadows. She also enjoys communing with Gaia/Earth by touching the earth. She believes in telling the truth even if it hurts.
Seer's energy is used to bring light,  power, and their sheer presence makes a difference in the world. Seers reveal the truth behind the shadows bringing consciousness to the forefront of our minds. They tend to be psychics, judges, and truth activists. Seers help us to recognize the truth within ourselves so we can ascend.

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