Tuesday, January 9, 2018



Transmuters are light workers that neutralize negative energy by transmuting it into light by releasing their light. When the negativity is returned to divine power, balance can be restored. Transmuters can also transmute past karma, and they often choose to be born into families with bad karma to restore balance.  The transmutation of past karma helps to heal humanity's consciousness and ancestral line. Transmuters that are currently on Gaia/Earth are busy working to transmute lower vibrational levels into higher frequencies that produce love and light. They can accomplish this by merely existing on Gaia/Earth which increases light wherever they travel. In fact, they attract negative energy to transform it into higher vibrational energy which fights against dark forces on this planet.

Our son is a transmuter. When he was small, he would go into deep trances while sleeping. One night, when he was four years of age, he went into a deep trance, and we could not wake him. The trance was so deep that we had to shake him several times and apply water on the back of his neck and feet to get him to wake. We tried to wake him for about five minutes before we could bring him back to this side. When he awoke, he stated that he was in the spirit realm with the ancestors and that they lit his body with the colors of the rainbow. We later understood that they were working on his chakra system.  The trances would happen during certain times of the year mainly corresponding with the winter solstice and summer equinox. Transmuters are also natural empaths because they are in tune with negative emotions as well as positive ones. They tend to be compassionate and sensing individuals.

In essence, transmuters serve to dissolve, heal, release, and help their ancestral lines as well as past karma on plant Gaia/Earth. They move in silence, but their reach is mighty. We give thanks for our transmuters and recognize that our planet would be darker without them.    

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