Thursday, February 8, 2018


It is important that we create what we wish to manifest with honesty and fidelity. That we don''t create more dogmatic situations since the veil has lifted and the dimensional locks are dissolving. Remember how unhappy you were with Catholic school or pastors preaching about what you can't ever do or overcome "being the sinner you are". "You are born a sinner and will die a sinner." Well that is a bunch of poppycock,  BS,  malarkey. Don't let yourself create more of that for yourself.

Have more fun in your lives. Good clean fun that doesn't involves hurting yourself or others. You are Angels now. You know what I mean. Watch something funny. Read something cool. Do something else that makes you laugh. Stop worrying so much. Worrying will make you sick. You know that you are ascending if you are reading this. You can feel it too. Don't let the knowledge you possess make you into dogma. Realize that the knowledge you have read about via Keylontic Science, Magenta Pixie, Higher Self, In 5D, Kemitic Mystery Systems of Spirituality, Wicca, Santeria, Akashic records, etc. still comes from within us all. Sure we are all beholden to divine laws as we should be. However, we should not be creating addendum to this law that pigeonholes each other and makes others feel inferior.


One of the reasons I stayed away from social media forever--until last year--is because I have never really seen the value in it. I had a vision a few months ago that I should go on there and try to help my family. Family members would come up to me and ask what I was doing. They wanted to know how I have reached the level of peace and harmony in my life. And yet still mock me for not eating pork, or being a part-time vegetarian, or meditating, or going to Africa, etc. So the spirit guided me to create some social media pages and start a You Tube Channel to begin spreading the knowledge I have since  99% of my family is on social media. In the end, only three people follow my Facebook page because it doesn't feature celeb nip slips, street fights, and ass shaking contests. I tried with them. And now most of my FB friends are people I have met online who want to ascend. I know my spirit and higher self wanted me to at least give it a when they are gone I won't feel survivor's remorse.

That being said...THE TROLLS!!!  Why are there so many trolls on these spiritual pages? People just being outright mean. I left one group after a lady sent a message crying out for help and was met with "You are pathetic. If you truly believed in God you wouldn't feel that way". Or sanctimonious vegans cursing at me because I choose to eat vegetarian only 3 months at a time and eat meat for a month or so..and flit my diet like that. Judgmental much? "What the f--- is wrong with you? You are still killing animals. You are a monster. Eating meat is worse than molesting children." Huh? Really? I guess that chicken sandwich made me Ted Bundy. Yeesh. I was just really pressed for Chick Fila on a cheat day...I did not want to start Global Thermonuclear War.


How do we all balance this? We have to be patient with each other. You may have total control over your diet but your drinking seems out of control (FB is not the best place to be judgy when you have party pics linked). I might eat a steak once a month and I need to workout more but I haven't lied in six months (and I have had plenty of opportunities to do so), I have been faithful to my wife, and I serve humanity as an Angelic Human everyday!

We need to eliminate the amount of drama we create in our lives. Look yourself in the mirror at the end of each day and ask "Have I been the best I could be today?" Be honest. Don't beat yourself up (unless you deserve it). And then FIX IT!!! This is the judgement day, everyday!!! Time is speeding up. Judgment is not some esoteric thing coming from the sky. It comes from within. And we judge ourselves. Or at least we should be.

Peace and blessings,

Ani Ausar

p.s. Just think about all that we have went through to get to this point. Now, we are creating a New Earth Star. It's shiny. We are shiny. We're stars. I can see it through my Rishi. We are a connected--pillars of light shining love throughout the time matrix.


  1. Hi Ani💫💫💫
    Love your ENERGY💗💗💗
    It reminds me of myself;)
    I am you, you are me
    Love has conquered~

  2. I appreciate your authenticity. Everything you shared resonates. People are always telling me to "take it easy on myself" but i am convicted by a lot of things that don't seem to convict anyone around me. If I am triggered and give in to ego...(although I'm learning to let it go and move on) I feel the need to dissect the entire situation until i get to the root of why i was triggered...why I temporarily slipped into "fight or flight" mode. I have a strong desire to love unconditionally and to be compassionate to all ppl so if I fall short at anytime, I have to know why, I HAVE to clear it or it stays with me....sometimes i wish I could be more like the ppl around me and not trip off of my actions but I can't. I am usually in a peaceful place so when I spazz out of nowhere I know that there's something that needs to be healed. I can't turn it off, I am constantly working on myself....constantly trying to separate myself from my thoughts. Still ridding a bunch of old programs, learning that most of the things that trigger me today stems from programming that my dad instilled in me as a child, not my OWN core beliefs but things that he told me over the years that just stuck and became my inner voice. Sometimea I have to really observe my thoughts in order to see that they are not my own thoughts, but thoughts that were created when I was a child, based on my dad's anxiety and fear. Sometimes I feel like I am his robot, My desire to live in peace and love is so strong that sometimes i get very upset with my mind and what I've chosen to identify with over the years. I am so ready to live free with our fear and programming. I know my heart and it is nothing like the thoughts that haunt me. I appreciate this space, I have no one that I can express matters such as these with.
    Peace and Love

  3. Thanks for deciding to get back out here. Need contact with others going through the same thing. So helpful to see others share too :) Trolls: seems like an oppisite forceful reaction attempting to block our ascension that feels stronger since I feel we've passed critical mass & more markers. I don't mind the battle, don't really want to do it alone. Thank you friend

  4. Thanks. Did Google erase my comment or is there a delay? I'm working on finding trolls adorable so I can assist more. Natural opposite & equal reaction to our ascension progress I believe. More proves how far we've come & how hearts are hungry for healing. IMO

  5. Great read, thank you for writing.