Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why is Sexual Abuse Rampant in our Society?

Why is Sexual Abuse Rampant in our Society? 

Why is sexual abuse rampant in our society? To answer this question, you merely have to ask who stands to gain from victimization of incident children? Numerous power structures and families that dominate and promote the one world order agenda. When a child is born into the world, they understand the real power of God Source because they have just come from the ancestral realm. There is an excellent understanding of the true nature of humans which focuses primarily on the ascension process and blueprint destination upon reaching earth.  They are also filled with light energy which helps to bring forth their true gifts and fear is not yet infused in their human experience. Bringing these gifts forward to earth is a threat to the one world order. These families understand that the more light that is brought forward, the harder it is to control and misguide the masses.  

Sexual abuse has become the obvious answer. Individuals that undergo sexual abuse experience an immediate separation from God Source. Fear quickly sets in which is the mind, spirit, and soul killer. Individuals lose the true sense of being safe within and look without to reestablish safety. Sexual abuse feeds the economic system in various ways.  Children that have experienced sexual violence are more likely to abuse drugs, develop mental health problems, become incarcerated, and or become a part of the sex industry. These industries are some of the most powerful in our society including: pharmaceutical, criminal  justice system, and the sex work industry.

So if we know that sexual abuse is apart of the plan to destroy the eternal soul what do we do? We fight back through the "Me Too" campaign and like initiatives.  More importantly, we start to promote emotional intelligence in our children and educate them on preventative methodologies. We no longer allow this topic to be taboo in our homes and we help to develop a generation of star children that are capable of supporting themselves because we have given them the tools to do so.     

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