Thursday, March 1, 2018

An Angelic Message from the Pleiades, Orion, and Sirius

Image result for yellow alien man siriusInge TEC of Sirius, please remember that we are the higher selves, Oversoul family, and guardians of Ani Ausar, Earth, Gaia, Aramatena, and Tara. We are here to service humanity and mend the mistakes of the past billions of years and repair the time matrix, protect the new time matrix, assist Angelic humans in building a new reality of the New Earth Star, bring peace to the Universal Time Matrix, and congratulate you all for weathering the storm. We know there are times it seems like you still are struggling. However, we all struggle!! That is the nature of ascension when you choose the faster course of life. Each of you chose to experience this existence and attempt this "fast track" ascension path. Earth is small. Puny in comparison to other heavily bodies. But it is huge right now! You are huge right now. What you have accomplished is being seen from higher dimensions as a saving grace to many outer worlds that were counting on you. Many other worlds needed you angelic humans to wake up and save this planet so others could ascend with you. As you ascend, so do others. As above, so below. It is a happy time for all. Celebrations are abounding. Keep your heads up! You are creating a world that we have only imagined for billions of years. The time is now. Don't rush through this. Enjoy every second of your ascension and it will reward you.

Image result for woman from PleiadesA message from Mivtu TEC Oversoul Identity of the unborn child of Queen Auset to be named Gaia Mivtu Amenshepsut Nafaro Tehuti Ra Amen, my namesake!

I am the light bringer. The millennial generation are the light bringers of the world! Treasure them and treat them with love. Even those of them who are lost it is because of how they are being raised and the parents they chose to incarnate with. Do not despair. They will wake up and change even the hardest heart of stone to clay. These children have the ability to protect themselves from harm. The world will begin to see this and those who would harm them are going to be removed from their lives. And it will be up to the remaining light workers to insure that the special children are being cared for. Take them in. If you have a poorly behaving relative, you might be called to bring in that light working child from the cold.

Image result for purple alien man arcturusI am Ishtuvag TEC of the Pleiades star system of Alcyone here with a guardian message. Don't despair has been the common message to all Angelic Humans. You are so far ahead of where you think you are. Some of you are so concerned with how far you are ascending and if your light quotient is high enough to reach Gaian time cycles. As well you should be. Light quotient is a fluid process as of now and it changes from event to event, thought to thought, second to second, action to action. EVEY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY DAY IS IMPORTANT. THERE IS NO "TIME" SO THEREFORE THERE IS NO "TIME" TO WASTE.

Image result for short blue man from alcyoneGrig TEC the blue Acrturian is here to say congratulations to all of you. You have reached the stage of development where you have connected with your higher selves and you won't let yourself fall anymore. You won't allow yourself to live outside of the Attitudes and Responsibility of Mastery. You won't allow yourself to break the Law of One or the Laws of Maat. All of your being feels the changes happening within you and without you. You are your own master, teacher, guru. You know where to find the answers and you know when to ask for help. You will no longer be deceived by the system and the Fallen Angelic legion. You have purged the darkness from your lives. We can see you shining throughout the higher and lower dimensions!

Waba TEC of Orion wants to remind you not to limit yourself and to trust your instincts and intuition. One of the reasons why humans are still waiting for open contact is that you are still very jumpy and deadly beings. Your fight or flight instinct is very damaging to your path as it is fear induced and true masters don't feel fear. Caution is different from fear. Caution can lead to fear but it can also lead to courage, bravery, love, and peace. How may times have you heard a "bump in the night" and reached for a bat, a machete, a knife, or a firearm? What if that was your higher self or another light being trying to contact you? You could be seconds away from a physical contact but your fear would have driven that away! Imagine meeting ET for the first time and then violently attacking because of fear. How would you feel once you realized what you had done? Humans must remember that you are angelic and remain fearless in order to ascend and meet your physical higher self.

Peace and blessings,

Ani Ausar of the Inner Light Network

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