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The Sirian-Reptilians: Part II

The following is excerpt from the TERRA PAPERS by Robert Morningsky. This knowledge was passed onto him from his grandfather. His grandfather received this history of our time matrix from the Star Elder who crash landed in the desert. On August 13, 1947 in the New Mexico Desert, little more than a month after the infamous Roswell New Mexico UFO crash incident. Six young men including Roberts grandfather that evening witness a streak of light come from the sky and a large flash at its impact. The men decided to investigate and discovered the wreckage of twisted metal and charred desert brush. Within the wreckage they found a silvery unconscious alien being injured but alive. The youths decided to take the being back to there their camp before the military would inevitably arrive. They spent a long time nursing their visitor back to health, which they named 'Star Elder'. Using soups and fruits they eventually revived the being. The being came to trust the men and using a small crystal the being began to communicate. The being let the men know that what he was about to tell them would hurt their pride.

Project (2010) Retrieved on March 7, 2018

In Robert Morning Sky's 'Book II of the World's Oldest Religion', he goes into great detail
about the origin and evolution of the Sirians, and more so of the Reptilians. All indications
are that this information came to Earth humans directly from the extraterrestrials. The
book is given in story form, a master giving a transmission to his apprentice. My guess is
that these accounts come directly from the snake brotherhoods, who are affiliated with

Enki. Although Enki is Sirian, his mother is Reptilian-Avian.

It is no surprise that all of Robert Morning Sky's works are out of print. The only one that
may be a little easy to find is The Terra Papers. His work is first rate, the real deal, Robert
is a warrior, no frills. Today he is probably hanging out peacefully with his family,
somewhere. Anyway, back to the Sirians. Before you start reading this story, I shall caution
the reader that it is likely you have not read anything like this before, unless you are
already familiar with Robert's work. The Sirians (extraterrestrials) evolved as a warrior
race and so their history is that of warriors. It may be truly shocking to some, while others
may find it entertaining, enlightening or 'all of the above'. You have been warned. I am
going to put large sections of the story here, for the benefit of the reader, since it is almost
impossible to find Robert's works. However if you can find his works you can read the entire
story for yourself, including the accounts that deal with the Reptilians, which I shall leave

Let us begin at the beginning. On page 57 of this book: "Billions of years after the birth of
the Green World and the evolution of the SSS reptilian beings..." Per started, "...another race of beings evolved on another world far, far away. On this world, there were three suns in the sky...a red star, a white star, and a black star that could not be seen but that most certainly could be felt."

A black star that could be felt? Matu was confused.

"Unlike the SSS people who had evolved from a reptilian-insect ancestor, these beings had
been born of and evolved from a reptilian-wolfen ancestor. Following almost the same path
that had led to the evolution of the reptilian people, these wolfen beings had also evolved
from a primitive ancestor into humanoids that lifted themselves up from their primitive and
simple beginnings to a complex civilization complete with its own culture and identity. The
path that has led to the evolution of humanoids has been repeated many times in many ways in our galaxy, Matu, and while the ancestors who begin the journey are of different forms, often the paths are nearly identical in their content."

On page 59 of Book II, RMS says: "The early wolfen creatures had the appearance of both a large cat and a wolf. They were powerful and built low to the ground. Large muscular legs
moved them quickly across the ground and allowed them to spring forward with astonishing
speed and height. They were extremely agile and strong, and they possessed long sharp claws that cut easily into the bodies of their victims. While they often ate easily acquired fruits and vegetation, they preferred a diet that consisted of freshly killed flesh."

"The head of the primitive wolfen-beast was large and almost square in appearance. The
beast had piercing, almost glowing eyes that constantly searched the surrounding terrain for
an unwary victim, and it had fangs that could sink through almost any creature's hide.
Males and females both had manes, large coarse hair that framed their faces like deadly
portraits. They were covered with golden brown hair, though some wolfen races had dark
brown to black hair. Long powerful tails that would softly flicker at the end gave an air of
deceptive calm to the wolf-beast as it lay waiting for an unsuspecting prey."

"And although the wolfen-beast looked more like a primitive lion than a wolf, the primitive
beast was most definitely canine in its make-up. Its roar was a combination of a low guttural
growl and a throaty bark. The sound of their roaring was more like a low deep rumble that
preceded an earthquake and was delivered with such intensity that it could be heard many,
many miles away."

"Early Wolfen humanoid beings were handsome and fearsome, beautiful and deadly...
and...they were violently aggressive. Oftentimes the act of courtship and mating between
males and females ended up in what might appear to anyone who was watching as an
extremely violent physical battle. Wolfen females, much like their ancestors, relished a
hungry and powerful male. Oftentimes, the female herself would challenge a courting male
to a battle. If he was unable to defeat her, he was unworthy. Consummation of a passion was often violent. Relationships were based on sheer power, a dominant male could possess as many females as he could keep under control. Females were sometimes stolen by other males, but if the first male could not steal her back, she remained quite happy with her new long as he was the dominant one in their relationship. Encouraged by these female traits, the world of the Wolfen people remained quite violent...and very male-oriented."

This section here is very interesting, as well as important. On the Orion (Reptilian) worlds,
it is the female that is dominant. The females (queens) in the ancient times staged a coup
d'etat and routed the males, and from that time on the females became the dominant ones,
but that is another story. The link I am trying to make, before I continue with the rest of
the story, is that in the Western World, where Orion Reptilian DNA is strong, females now
(or will very soon) 'have the power' over males, while in Sirian-dominated cultures like
certain African and Middle Eastern cultures (for instance – note: Islam), male influence is
stronger. In the Akan culture there is a mix of both Orion and Sirian DNA influences
(especially among the royalty) so both influences will be present.



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