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The following is excerpt from the TERRA PAPERS by Robert Morningsky. This knowledge was passed onto him from his grandfather. His grandfather received this history of our time matrix from the Star Elder who crash landed in the desert. On August 13, 1947 in the New Mexico Desert, little more than a month after the infamous Roswell New Mexico UFO crash incident. Six young men including Roberts grandfather that evening witness a streak of light come from the sky and a large flash at its impact. The men decided to investigate and discovered the wreckage of twisted metal and charred desert brush. Within the wreckage they found a silvery unconscious alien being injured but alive. The youths decided to take the being back to there their camp before the military would inevitably arrive. They spent a long time nursing their visitor back to health, which they named 'Star Elder'. Using soups and fruits they eventually revived the being. The being came to trust the men and using a small crystal the being began to communicate. The being let the men know that what he was about to tell them would hurt their pride.

Project (2010) Retrieved on March 7, 2018

"It has long been said that if a Wolfen being does anything, he...or she...does it with a ferocity that is seldom seen in our galaxy. During the course of their evolution, it seemed as if the Wolfen Ones did not need to learn about violence or fierceness, quite the contrary, it seemed as if intense violence coursed through their veins instead of blood. If was as if they had been born from the heart of an angry primordial War God.

Instead of a heartbeat, they were possessed of a drumbeat...a drumbeat of War. But because of this innate ability to be violent and fierce, the Wolfen Ones accomplished in a shorter time what many civilizations had taken millions of years to develop. On the World of Three Suns, conquest of natural enemies and competing species came easily to the Wolfen Ones." Here you find some explanations about the warrior culture of Africans, it is due to the
activities of their ancestors, which was influenced by their DNA. I shall jump some of the
gruesome details of the way the Wolfen warriors literally devour their victims on the battle

"Because of a deep throaty growl that permeated their speech, a hold-over from their canine
ancestors, the Wolfen Ones became known to their victims and throughout the World of
Three Suns as the RRR. Driven by a force seldom witnessed, they had managed to develop a civilization at a faster pace than most races of star beings in our galaxy. It seems as if the
best way in which one can sum up the reason for almost everything the RRR beings did was
actually one word: hunger. Hunger for power, hunger for wealth, hunger for food, hunger for
sex, hunger for virtually everything. It is more than greed, Matu, it is more than desire, it is
more than selfishness, and it is more than righteousness, it is an instinct...hunger is, pure
and simple, a gut level instinct....Wealth and power are luxuries that are the result of desire,
and desire can be diverted or sublimated. Hunger, however, is a form of passionate instinct.
A Warrior who wants to kill his enemy so that he can eat him is a far more dangerous and
deadly Warrior than one who simply follows orders."

Man! Each time I read about these beings, I tend to wonder how wild these primitive Sirian
beings were. One must realize that this was in the far past, in the history of these beings.

The story continues on page 62: "As had happened on the world of the SSS reptilian people, the World of the Three Suns was soon dominated by the Wolfen Ones, in particular, one race that came to be known as the 'Golden Maned Ones'. These Conqueror Kings eventually created a 'One World' Empire, with trillions of beings forcibly united under the RRR banner."

It is said that extraterrestrial worlds are often united under one banner, one purpose. On
'love and light' worlds, the entire population is united under the banner of what come to be
known as the 'service to other' orientation. These worlds often have councils as ruling
bodies and each takes care of the other. On worlds like the Orion and Sirian worlds, the
mood is of a darker nature and the orientation is 'service to self', the self being the leader of
the people. In the case of the Orion reptilians it is the queen, and of the Sirians it is the
king. In both kinds of orientations, the populations are often specialized into castes, such as
scientist cast, warrior caste, administrator cast etc.

The story continues from page 62, onto page 63: "In the world of the RRR Wolfen people,
political debate was virtually non-existent. Everything and everyone served only one purpose: to further the military might of the Empire and the Wolfen Kings. Even the first steps into outer space were designed not for exploration, but for exploitation. Early astronauts that departed the home world of the Wolfen people were not sure that other beings existed on the other worlds of their solar system, but their ships were always designed for self-defence and conquest."

"The healing technologies were all designed with the intent and priority of healing and
providing speedy recovery for Wolfen Warriors; communications technologies were designed and developed for the specific purpose of providing dependable and encrypted messages between Warrior forces in the field; transportation vehicles were developed specifically with the intent of providing quick and reliable movement in the battlefield; and food preparation and nutrition sciences were all based on the needs of the Warrior on the field. Honours in academia and science were always presented for achievements in the fields of military and conquest sciences. Entertainment was always oriented towards militaristic themes, as were the games provided for the young Wolfen children. Everything, Matu...everything revolved around war."

This description here sounds very much like the Klingons on Star Trek if you are familiar with them. 

Let us continue, still on page 63: "Athletic events and competitions generally resulted in the
death of the losers, while legal cases of contract violations were tried in Wolfen courts only if
one of the complainants was not killed. Police shot speeders and traffic violators on site
while prison populations were nearly non-existent. Generally, those who were locked up were simply in transition to their executions. In short, Matu, in the world of the Wolfen beings, either an individual obeyed the law...or he was executed."

"But the use of violence was not restricted solely to enforcement of controls on the general
populace. While ruthlessness and cold-blooded cunning were generally rewarded with
advancement in the ranks, oftentimes upper level positions needed to be filled because of the sudden and unexpected death of the individual holding that position. In other instances,
some high level officials maintained their position because any potential challenger to his
position also met with an unexpected death. It is a curious thing, Matu, that this very violent
way of life assures that only the most cunning and deadly individuals end up in the highest

"And the throne of the Wolfen Kings itself was not spared. Monarchs generally rose to the
throne through murder and assassination. Often, it was the son or a relative of the sitting
King who moved to seize the throne. To avoid such difficulties, it was common practice for
the King to send his sons and heirs to far-distant worlds where difficult conditions often
resulted in their deaths. Sons who found favour with their King father were permitted to
remain in the Royal Palace where they were systematically placed at odds with their sibling
brothers. By pitting them against one another, the King was assured that only the most
worthy heir would be allowed to claim the throne after the King passed away. Even contests
that resulted in death were permitted. It would take an iron hand, a cunning mind, and a
ruthless spirit. Sentimentality was for the weak, power demanded a cold-blooded, almost
heartless, inner spirit. In a perverse manner, Kings were often seen smiling as their son dealt them the final death blow.

This is exactly what the Sirian king Anu did with his sons Enki and Enlil, sending them
over to Earth and pitting them against each other. Also, in Robert's other book The Terra
Papers, it is said that Anu's father, AN-AN, was betrayed in this exact same way by his
younger brother, AL-SHAR. AN-AN was away fighting on the side of the Reptilians in 'The
Great Galactic War' while AL-SHAR was left in command back in Sirius. AL-Shar staged a
coup and had his brother killed. He then became king AL-AL The story goes on that later
Anu managed to stage his own coup d'etat, forcing AL to flee to this solar system, where
there was a flourishing Sirian colony cantered around the planet Tiamat. His grand son, ZU
(Zeus) gave Anu a really hard time. Eventually Anu invaded this solar system with the help
of the main Reptilian space fleet. The rest is history. I would suggest that the Arabs
(Phoenicians) are descendants of AL-AL's faction, which is why their god is....Allah! Also
think of the Iranian ‘Shahs’. The Iranians are also connected to the Sumerians. The
ancestors of the Phoenicians were on Tiamat, then they moved to Mars for a while, before
being transferred to Atlantis and Sumeria. This is also why the Arabs are continuously
persecuted by the Israelis (Ashkenazi), who are Anu faction, through Anu's son Enlil.


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