Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dream Sequence: A Vision of the Future and Moving to 7D

This is an accounting of a dream I had last night about 7D--about moving physically to 7D.  My family and I were sitting in our living room. We were looking outside into our backyard and we all noticed a blur. The blur started at the ground level line of sight. (The ARPS began to shift.)The blur came from the ground and the ground started to separate from itself in a duplicate matrix pattern. In essence, we saw two lawns begin to emerge.

Two of everything and it started to rise. It got the point where it wasn't a earthquake shaking but you could feel a strong vibration that began to shake your body and the very essence of reality around you. And shake everything. Not to the point of being uncomfortable but more like the vibration-feelings we have been going through during the ascension process. Most people have experienced vibrations and/or numbing feelings during this ascension. Well, it was like that but more intense and not intermittently like we have experienced during the ascension process...just constant vibration as the dimensional locks began to totally dissolve. There was kind of a soreness at first but then it tapered off as your body adjusted.

We were starting to separate. I started kind of floating up and the family hesitated except my 4 year daughter. She was already floating around.

The guardians told us to let go. And when I looked around, my family had different reactions. My teenage daughter knew it was time. My wife and son were not so sure and eventually they let go and were floating. It was funny. The girls (except Gaia who is still inside Auset) stayed with me, and my son stayed with his mother.

We could hear the guardians speak to us all together at the same time. They were telling us to go outside. Now our first instinct was to go out to our backyard. But they told us to go to the front yard. We stepped out into the yard and they told us not to hold hands. We all had to stand on our own but still in a circle. We could hear our neighbors thinking "What are they doing outside with all this going on?" They could feel the vibration but they didn't know what it was.

The guardians told us to let go and we would ascend physically into a different dimension. They told us to drop our cell phones on the ground; we would not need them. I look to my left and my 4 year daughter was already gone. My 14 year old was with me and ready to go. My wife and son kind of hesitated for a second. When they saw my teen daughter go, they both left and then I left after. (This happened in about 5 seconds. Like Whoosh! Poof! And we were gone). We were told to head for the Rainbow Bridge. I was alone and didn't see them. I saw other people on the bridge milling about but not choosing a direction. The bridge was maybe the width of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge spanning (pun intended) DC and VA but you could see to the other side.

There were people milling about on both sides of the bridge. Some choosing a direction and others just looking around in awe. I choose to cross the bridge. As I reached the center of the bridge, I saw my family coming from various directions to the center of the bridge. We met in the center and group hugged. The guardians then told us we had to jump off the bridge to go to the next phase of the ascension. (This next part happened in a matter of seconds). Again, my wife and son hesitated. I was tempted to just push them along this time and the guardians told me not to do that. They had to go on their own free will or not go at all. Once again we looked and my 4 year old was jumping off and then my teen daughter and then my wife and son. And I went last. It wasn't like one at a time though. It was like one of those Mountain Dew commercials were everyone jumps but at a staggered pace about a second apart.

So we landed into the 7D world of our neighborhood and there was nothing there except for our house and a network of roads. We didn't need cell phones to communicate with people long distances away. The guardians told us you don't need a cell phone you can just think to people. And I was like "Cool, kind of like Africa." My wife also noticed that our cars were gone and she wondered how we would get around this vast open area. Just as she spoke this, someone drove up in a car. I couldn't see if the car was driven by a person; I believe it was self-driving. You couldn't hear the engine...it had big tires, 26 inch wheels--like a Tesla on steroids. We got into the car and began driving around. The car had an onboard computer so we began looking up people's names to see who else was around. Only two families came up in our area: the couple that runs our homeschool collective, and my father and his wife. We visited with each of them to check in with their experiences in this sparsely populated realm. Time did not exist so we could not tell how long we were at each place but it felt like it could have been 100 years. It was such a pleasant existence.We sat around talking about what the next steps were for 7D.

However, we still have young children. The children were beginning to wonder what they would do about school. I told them I could homeschool them since money was not an object. The vision also did not include food or drink; we obtained energy by being breatharian.  (We probably would have at least drank water, gin, or beer at the shrine though as this is the custom.)

We went back to our house and when we went inside it was like a movie where the inside of the house was much bigger than the outside. It wasn't like a palace or a mansion. It was just what we needed: an extra bedroom, an extra bathroom, a bigger kitchen, and a bigger master bedroom.
Eventually, the children started to get bored and want to know if they could go back to school to see their friends. And I was thinking that even in the paradise of peace and quiet, there is still going to be some crazy family issue!

We heard the voice of the guardians again telling us that we could to back to 5D anytime we wanted and still have access to the peaceful world of 7D. They also said that 7D would not always be so sparsely populated--that more and more people would be ascending to that realm. Always remember there are way more people ahead of you than behind you. So we all talked about it and we projected back to 5D. There was never an issue about whether or not we could get back there because we could still see it. We just projected back there by thinking about it. This is what I talk about with changes in the sky. We could just see that dimension.

We went back to 5D and some of the people we knew were there and most were not. Only a few people chose that path. It seemed like most of the people I knew chose the 3D/phantom matrix timelines. There was a whole population of people there in the New Earth 5D and we met new people.


What I got from the dream, it reminded me of a movie like Star Wars. Every time they go to a different place, it's another dimension.

There was a scene in Star Wars Episode 2 where Obi Wan Kenobi visits his friend Dex in a cafe. He tells him to visit the planet Kamino which was 12 parsecs outside of the Rishi Maze. The planet Kamino was a water planet and the beings there were light beings with elongated necks, kind of like a preying mantis. They were on a different dimensional level; they were cloning armies. Every place they went to was a different dimension. The filmmakers were describing inter-dimensional travel and inter-dimensional beings. When I picture the Rishi Maze, I see that Density 5 level of consciousness: the Breneau, the Meta-Terrestrials, the Solar Rishi, and the "Founders Races".

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