Saturday, May 19, 2018


A Message from Isvtuvag TEC

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The new world is falling prey to the violence, manipulation, and susceptability of the monarchy's reign of games. The banksters and the monarchies are plotting something big. They have your attention now. Watch out! Don't be drawn into the attacks that are coming. Don't let them attach straw man paper via collections and bills to your flesh and blood person They will attempt to attach warrants, body attachments, garnishments, and other ways to drain your energy. If you have the means, pay them off before they come at you. If you don't, make arrangements with them before it gets to the point where they can take advantage of you. Get with someone in the Moorish community to help you offset these "bills". They are making you pay back your own money! It is a difficult process and the Moors will charge you money to file the paperwork but there is hope to defeat their avaricious plans.

A Message from Waba TEC

It is time for us to watch ourselves and stop watching so much of the distractions being provided in the news each day especially with the royal charade being played out on the TV screens each day, all day. The royals have had power for so long and now they are desperate. They are losing power and influence over the masses and are pulling out all the stops to get people back involved with their energy.  They need your energy in order to survive. If you turn your back on them, they will fade away into the phantom matrix timelines they have created. They need to drag as much physical and conscious energy into that matrix as they possibly can. We must be conscious of how we spend our energy and power.

A Message From Grig Tec

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People of New Earth be united as one! Don't be alarmed but also don't be fooled by the last minute rush for power grab by the elite. They want you to think that all is well and that they are moving progressively toward something new. In fact, they are just repeating cycles of the past. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Queen Charlotte are not the only persons of Moorish descent to grace the royals. There path is littered with various types of humans other than the Albion. Albion, Moor, Asian, etc. are just parsed up titles used to separate humans from each other. WE. ARE. ALL. ONE!

A Message From Inge Tec

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People of New Earth it is time to celebrate and take heed to the blessings being stowed upon you. The Earth is going through a major shift. Be it Gaia, M31, Urtha, etc. Whatever you choose to call it. Ascension paths are available and you must choose! Each moment in this life, each thought construct, each breath, each word, is a choice. I know you are made to feel as if you have no choice but you do. You have billions of things to chose from. And 42 Laws to behold. Stay within those 42 and you will ascend and literally and figuratively dodge the bullets waiting for you to make the fallen choice.

A Message from Ani the Scribe

Satchidananda LOTUS Shrine

It's no coincidence the wedding took place the day after 5-18-18. It's no coincidence that there were school shooting sacrifices in the U.S. the day before the wedding. Not just that. Think about all the people still dying in the various wars and conflicts around the globe. We must insure that we are not drawn into any of that nonsense and manipulation in order to ascend successfully.

We must make a conscious effort to stop wars, suffering, chemtrails, poisonous foods, and violence in our society. Spend your time, money, and energy wisely.

This life does not have to be short. It is meant for us to live eternally. Once you realize that, you will know the challenges you are facing now are only loops of time--past lifetime and current lifetime drama that must be overcome via energy clearance. It will not be easy. I am struggling with a really bad energy clearance right now. Some days are better than others. When I think of these challenges in the scheme of say a lifetime of 200, 300, or 1,000 years (Earth time translation) a few months or a couple of years of unpleasantness is nothing. I can do that standing on my head. And it is possible. Nana Tigare lived for 1,000 years. And there are other priests and holy people around the globe that have transcended physical death throughout this energy draining period. We cannot think it is possible. We can't believe it is possible. WE MUST KNOW IT IS THE TRUTH THAT WE ARE  CREATING THIS! Get on board for the big win!

I had a vision the other day. We are being prepared and trained to be creators on a multi-dimensional level. One day we will not only be responsible for ourselves but also other dimensions! Can you imagine how hard that will be? We are being trained to make make decisions not just for the moment--but for this moment and past moments and future moments. To see how our decisions come back to haunt us or fulfill our dreams. One day we will look back on this time and miss the simplicity of only making a decision based upon 3D, 4D, or 5D. We are responsible for ALL dimensions and ALL of our multi-dimensional selves! Think about it!

Peace and blessings,

Ani Ausar
Inner Light Network


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