Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A MESSAGE FROM MIVTU TEC - Channeled by Ani Ausar

This channeled message is from Mivtu Tec of the Pleiades. I am the higher self, unborn child and compatriot of Rishi Ani Ausar.

The message for all of humanity is this. Stop your selfish behavior. The guardians are with you and God Source will provide you with what you need. Money is no longer going to be an object of desire as long as you don’t make it one. Not wanting or needing money is important because you are creating you own world and your own reality. Think about what you need not why you need money to get it and it will come to you. You don’t need a Ferrari or a 100 room mansion. Think only of what you need. Shelter. Food for your children. Enough money to bill your bills which can be provided with work. You must work.  You must practice service to others activity in your daily life. And it will be reciprocated to you. Time is speeding up and so therefore your “get back” and your “comeuppance” with be swift and tidy. You also will experience blessings much faster as there is no time. Once you accept and propagate these facts of life things will begin happening faster for you. As long as your needs and desires are within divine law, you will ascend rapidly and keep bringing in the light around you.

You have questions about first contact and the ascension for the masses. There will be some groups of people on the same frequency that ascend together. And some that will need angelic contact to ground the light energy in their physical living area. House. Work Place. State. Country. Right now my mother and I are traveling to Asia to boost their energy and also to give us a boost by experiencing a different culture. You must believe in yourselves in order to ascend and help others to ascend. We all have family members, close friends, and other loved ones who we would like to see make the transition with us. Unfortunately, many of them are going to choose a different, and more difficult path. Some of them are going to choose death and rebirth on another 3D planet. Some of them are going to choose a phantom matrix timeline. Some of them are going to fall and get up time and time again in a time loop until they make a choice at the absolute last minute before the stellar activation cycle comes to a close. Some of them will not make the ascension to 5D. They will remain on the Phantom Earth timeline.

First contact has been happening on a small scale for thousands of years. We will be seeing more contact in smaller groups. And then in larger groups. And then eventually once the entire system has changed over, bifurcated, and the Heroic path of Gaia is made at one with Source there will be open contact on a global scale. Humans who have ascended along with Tara, Gaia and Aramatena will be connected with many councils including the Andromeda, Arcturian, Pleidian, Sirian, and other light worker groups.

Peace and blessings from Mivtu Tec of the Guardian Alliance.